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Work with us- littlegem lying on the beach under the sun set wearing only her bikini bottoms

Work With Us

“I can never decide which I love more about Purple’s Gem (kinky couple PurpleSole and Little Gem) — their writing or their pictures. Because OMG the pictures they take and publish on their website will have your hand down your pants in no time. But, damn, so will their writing — both their real life stories and their erotic fantasies.”  – Kayla Lords

Product Review – Sex toys, Lingerie, Erotica and Bondage gear

We are happy to review most products from a pretty lingerie set to extreme butt plugs, as long as they are body safe. We would provide an unbiased and honest review, but not in a formal way as that doesn’t work for us. How our reviews play out is we use the product a multiple of times to make sure we get a full feel for it and then write about the play scenes it features in. We paint a picture with words of how the product felt, what it did, including all the hot sexy details. We understand all products aren’t suitable for everyone’s wiring and where this is the case, if it’s just not for us we will say but giving the reasons why.

Where it is possible any products sent will be reviewed by PurpleSole and littlegem so you get both a male and female perspective. We enjoy taking photos so would be happy to include some of the product being used in the review, please state if they are to be more artsy as apposed to sexually graphic (we are happy to do either). The review can be on your site or our blog, just specify which you would prefer when you get in contact.

If you would like to work with us to review a toy, lingerie, book etc please contact us via or follow the form on our contact page.

Work With US- an example of our toy review photos

For an example of our guest product reviews check out: Power Flower A Blooming Hot Review – May More Sex Matters

For an example of a product review on our blog check out Reviews of Rarity. Our reviews with a difference.


We are happy to write guest posts for you, if you are an independent blogger there is no charge for this. If you are a larger blog or company then there would be a charge, contact us to discuss.

Examples of guest posts we have written: 

Puppy Play

Lets Play Pretend

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Posts will be advertised via Twitter.

Write for us

If you would like to write a post for us, that’s fantastic. Drop us a line with some details of your big idea and if it fits with the nature of our site i’m sure we will post it.

Write a personalised sexy story

If you like the style of either PurpleSole or Littlegem’s fiction and would like us to write a steamy story just for you let us know. This can be for your (or your lovers) eyes only or can be posted on a blog. Just get in contact and we can iron out the details, a charge may apply depending on length or piece of writing.

Any other requests just ask us!