Personal Time

Personal Time

Littlegem is masturbating in front of me on the sofa. I always like an exciting start to a post and I can’t think of anythingRead More

Skin to Skin

Skin to Skin

How heartbreaking was it to hear that Eroticon had been cancelled? Especially for Molly, Michael and all those that help make the event. Doing soRead More

January 27th 2020: Man looks into screen with website information

January 27th 2420

January 27th 2420AD.  “Susan, I’ve found something.” He pressed his glasses, pinging the information over to Susan for her to process. “Do you remember theRead More

Time to Evaluate

Time to Evaluate

I’m not one for new years resolutions, I don’t believe it’s the best time to make drastic changes to your lifestyle. After all January is,Read More

Pain and Littlegem- littlegem lying down during needle play with 3 needles in her skin

Pain and Littlegem

Content/ trigger warning- this post touches on self harm, needles and pain play. A painfully difficult topic This is a really difficult post to writeRead More

Toy with Him- littlegem in thigh high socks with her laptop on her bare legs.

Toy with Him

Her fingers tentatively slid over the touchpad, she knew what she was going to find but was nervous anyway. Not wanting to be caught indulgingRead More

Daddy Cool: Ruby playing on the floor

Daddy Cool

Content Warning: Sexual play relating to someone identifying as a little. I was inspired to write this after a twitter exchange from the delightful littleswitchbitch.Read More