Ruby ring piece- ruby ring between littlegem's bum cheeks

Ruby Ring-piece

This one was a bit tricky to write. Not because it brought up bad feelings, simply it is a difficult subject. It discusses sex withRead More

A Little Respect: A Glass in a 'pub'

A Little Respect

Respect “Pub?”  These words fill me with dread, they shouldn’t do, after all it’s the second home of any British male, or at least itRead More

Ritualistic Rhymes

Ritualistic Rhymes

The alarm will ring, day has dawn,  Let light in, the curtains drawn.  Warm, comforting, this bed we cannot stay,  Removing your chain so weRead More

One More Light, Candle in my hand

One More Light

‘Should’ve stayed, were there signs, I ignored? Can I help you, not to hurt, anymore? I consider myself very fortunate, not for a minute doRead More