Room 114

The cold air was pricking her skin, although her coat was wrapped around her tight, it still found its way in. Icy tendrils caressing herRead More

My Week in Denial

As I had broken a rule PurpleSole had decided to not allow me to orgasm for a week. This probably doesn’t sound like a very longRead More


Picture the scene; PS, the kids and I eating breakfast at the table. Me rambling as usual about the latest dream I had the nightRead More

Punish Her

When Littlegem feels down my dominance can help. This may seem simple but it doesnt always work like that. There are times I’ve done somethingRead More

Plug in Baby

Littlegem hasn’t done her exercise for the day, so before we begin our play I make sure that she has done it. This gives meRead More

The Chain

Ok, I’m just going to say it how it is.

I chain Littlegem into the bed every night

Our Dynamic

I’m not really one for labels, but I guess that’s because I never have fit into the slot very well. I should find it annoying as I like things to be in neat boxes, preferably with crisp stickers on the front but I have learnt time and time again that I don’t fit.