Bust My Bubble- A close up of littlegem's breasts in black and white with a bubble just touching her nipple

Bust My Bubble

Bubble, bubble, POP! There is a photo that PurpleSole absolutely loves. It’s of our children in the garden surrounded by a sea of bubble. TheRead More

Ruined- littlegem wearing only fishnet stockings, running towards a church tower ruin


The Prompt for Sinful Sunday this week is an outtake picture. It’s not really a prompt you can plan for. Although I have plenty ofRead More

Gel Nail Art

I don’t really have many things I would class as a hobby, does sex count? I used to spend hours painting designs on my nailsRead More

Through The Back Door

This photo was originally taken with Sinful Sunday prompt week in mind. The title would have been less interesting and to do with gates. InsteadRead More


Obedience “Compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another’s authority.” …Thanks google. I wrote a post recently, a sort of ‘how to’Read More