Jet Set Pain- jet getting ready

Jet Set Pain

“There is a little surprise waiting for you at home… Well actually it’s quite a big one… My friend Jet is there.” “Bit tricky toRead More

Breaking The Rule

I received this message from PurpleSole, “Hello Gemma, this is Mrs Pennyapple school secretary to let you know Mr Dixon will see you in hisRead More

Night Night Deer

Deep in slumber, he suspected nothing as the creature approached his bedside. It crept up and he began to stir. He could feel her bodyRead More

… On Vixen

Twas the night before 2am the morn of Christmas, when all through the house. Not a creature reindeer was stirring, not even a mouse. PurpleSoleRead More

Room 114

The cold air was pricking her skin, although her coat was wrapped around her tight, it still found its way in. Icy tendrils caressing herRead More

Opal’s Fruit

After an amazing evening of roleplay PurpleSole snapped this image of ‘Opal’  

Master’s Slave

It’s Friday night, for us this would usually mean Roleplay night. PurpleSole has something a bit different in mind