Dome- A close up of littlegem with her top off exposing her breasts infront of an anti-aircraft dome


What would you do if you saw a sign for a dome? PurpleSole followed the road signs until we were parked outside this rather largeRead More

Ruined- littlegem wearing only fishnet stockings, running towards a church tower ruin


The Prompt for Sinful Sunday this week is an outtake picture. It’s not really a prompt you can plan for. Although I have plenty ofRead More

littlegem nude apart from a pair of black fishnet stockings and red boots walking down a dirt path. A fan is covering her face and there are trees either side of the path

Down The Dirt Path

The weather has been nice and PurpleSole had some time off work. For us this equalled going on lots of walks and me getting variousRead More

Get Your Rock Off

The weather is lovely and PurpleSole has some time off work, time to explore the countryside. PS usually chooses my knickers every morning as partRead More

Through The Back Door

This photo was originally taken with Sinful Sunday prompt week in mind. The title would have been less interesting and to do with gates. InsteadRead More