Cruel to You, a woman in latex

Cruel to You

CW: Sexual Violence, Blood The Mercedes rolled up cautiously, the building he found himself parked at was unassuming, not like he was expecting. He checkedRead More

Feeding her my Cum

Feeding her my Cum

The nights have become a bit colder recently. Coupled with our dynamic being a little less kink than it is normally, from tiredness and seasonalRead More

Tasting Myself- littlegem licking her fingers clean from her juices

Tasting Myself

Do you ever do something and not really realise you were doing it? Or not think anything of it. Well not until you get aRead More

Littlegem Fan Club

Littlegem Fan Club

One of the biggest hesitations when it comes to posting pictures online is knowing that once they’re out there, there is no turning back. ButRead More

DIY Sex Table littlegem bent over backwards and cuffed onto the table

DIY Sex Table

I have been meaning to write a post for quite a while about our sex table. This weeks prompt for Kink of the Week isRead More