Littlegem Fan Club

Littlegem Fan Club

One of the biggest hesitations when it comes to posting pictures online is knowing that once they’re out there, there is no turning back. ButRead More

DIY Sex Table littlegem bent over backwards and cuffed onto the table

DIY Sex Table

I have been meaning to write a post for quite a while about our sex table. This weeks prompt for Kink of the Week isRead More

Knife Play- a close up of littlegem's breast with a blade tip against it

Knife Play- The Draw

Trigger warning- this post discusses self harm and knife play which may be distressing for some people.    In the beginning When we started outRead More

Outdoor Sex- a black and white image of PurpleSole holding littlegem up against a gate with his trousers down exposing his bum. Littlegem has her trousers at her ankles

Outdoor Sex

Outdoor sex is something PurpleSole and I used to engage in a lot when we were younger. It might have been because we lived atRead More