Underpass Over Exposed- littlegem flashing her breasts in an underpass

Underpass Over Exposed

“Stop here and open your top.” It’s dark. The underpass ceiling is low. The lights on the walls are completely engulfed in layers of cobwebs.Read More

On the Road: Littllegem's breasts covered in a seatbelt

On the Road

Littlegem doesn’t like long car journey’s. She gets bored very easily and will make sure to tell me. As we were driving along I couldRead More

Cool Off- a close up on gem's nipple with an ice cube dripping down her breasts

Cool Off

With the weather being so warm littlegem is struggling to keep cool. Being the loving partner I am I give her an ice cube toRead More

Cuffed and Chained- littlegem with a collar and cuffs set on, the chain across her breasts

Cuffed and Chained

We were just having some fun taking photos last night of me cuffed, chained and collared. Although these are from a matching set they neverRead More

Breast of the Past- littlegems lips and hair

Breasts of the Past

My breasts have changed a lot over the last few years, pregnancy and nursing babies having the largest effect. This photo was taken back inRead More

Erotic Reading- a close up of littlegems breast and nipple. a book is resting on her chest and her hand is slipped into her jeans

Erotic Reading

I am now half way through reading the second of the Sleeping Beauty erotic trilogy books. Not sure if it’s because of being denied anRead More

Dome- A close up of littlegem with her top off exposing her breasts infront of an anti-aircraft dome


What would you do if you saw a sign for a dome? PurpleSole followed the road signs until we were parked outside this rather largeRead More