The Fun-Dom-mentals

I’m an idiot. Or I haven’t listened properly. It’s most probably a combination of the two. Ever since we began our D/s journey I haveRead More

A Slow Burn

2019 has begun with a fizzle rather than a burning bang. Christmas is always busy and since then gem hasn’t been feeling herself. I spokeRead More

Down Mammory Lane

Last week we were fortunate enough to have our Sinful Sunday photo included in the round-up. This was the first time that’sĀ happened and it couldn’tRead More

White Christmas

Littlegem has Rosacea flare up’s. They started getting worse when she was first pregnant. It didn’t help that it was during summer and it wasRead More

On the Naughty List

Littlegem has been a naughty girl. She has eaten food she knows she shouldn’t, knowing full well that punishment would follow. When in my companyRead More