Life ring- littlegem with her breasts out next to a life ring

Life Ring

On our walk around a park and lake area north of London we came across a life ring. Wanting to seize the moment I quicklyRead More

Down Mammory Lane

Last week we were fortunate enough to have our Sinful Sunday photo included in the round-up. This was the first time that’sĀ happened and it couldn’tRead More

Fallen Leaves

Sunday morning walk in the woods got a little bit more chilly than I was expecting. The photo came out better than expected as itRead More

Because I Want You

Gem is my mate. I don’tĀ just mean that in a friendship way, we are two fertile humans that have successfully bred to create offspring, twice.Read More

Golden Girl

The prompt for Sinful Sunday this week is transmogrify- to transform in a surprising or magical manner. Thanks google. Me and PS were playing aroundRead More


Well, this photo is really a rewind. This was taken 3 years ago, before D/s, before having my children. PurpleSole had always wanted to takeRead More