Refreshed- littlegem in a milkbath


I like to lie back in the bath, warm water caressing my face and skin. Helps me to feel relaxed. Sometimes after a long weekRead More

In The Shadows

In The Shadows

Littlegem had little need to wear make up prior to deciding to show her face on our images. Now that she does it has becomeRead More

Snow Drift

Snow Drift

Here Ruby is laying in some fake snow we bought. We took a few photographs with her wings and tutu on, this being our favouriteRead More

Love's First Kiss, littlegem awaiting a kiss on the bed

Love’s First Kiss

‘The Victim of the Sleeping Death can be revived only by Love’s First Kiss’ Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) Last week we reallyRead More

In The Alley

In The Alley

This is the alley between our house and the house next door. Luckily they were out this day, I wonder if they know what kindRead More


History Around Us

One of the best things about the adventures we’ve had outdoors taking photos is being able to explore the history of where we live. OccasionallyRead More

Pull Over, littlgem naked in a field

Pull Over

Whilst driving past a field littlegem asked if we could pull over. She thought the flowers of the crop looked pretty enough for a photo.Read More