In The Alley

In The Alley

This is the alley between our house and the house next door. Luckily they were out this day, I wonder if they know what kindRead More


History Around Us

One of the best things about the adventures we’ve had outdoors taking photos is being able to explore the history of where we live. OccasionallyRead More

Pull Over, littlgem naked in a field

Pull Over

Whilst driving past a field littlegem asked if we could pull over. She thought the flowers of the crop looked pretty enough for a photo.Read More

Winter Sun: littlegem naked on the beach

Winter Sun

With the weather around here being suitably rubbish we thought it better to use a photo that reminds us of a warmer time. Sometimes IRead More

My Immortal

My Immortal

I’m so tired of being here Suppressed by all my childish fears And if you have to leave I wish that you would just leaveRead More

Bring Me To Life

Bring Me To Life

Frozen inside, without your touch Without your love, darling Only you are my life Among the dead I’ve been sleeping a thousand years it seemsRead More

Going Under- littlegem trapped in a glass ball trying to break free

Going Under

I’m going under Drowning in you I’m falling forever I’ve got to break through I’m going under Evanescence – Going Under Last weekend PurpleSole andRead More

Dom-Rod a photo of PurpleSole's erect penis

Dom Rod

I really like this photo I took of PurpleSole’s Dom-Rod. Not just because it’s of a part of him I like to worship. But becauseRead More

Sweet Sacrifice- littlegem nude and arms tied outside a church doorway

Sweet Sacrifice

“You poor, sweet, innocent thing Dry your eyes and testify You know you live to break me Don’t deny, Sweet sacrifice” Evanescence, Sweet Sacrifice  Read More