Head in the Books

Head in the Books

1am on a weekday, the perfect time to go to the University library to breathe in the books. The hustle and bustle of frantic deadlineRead More

Butt Plug It Up- bent over wearing a leather skirt thats lifted just above her bottom. Revealing a jewelled butt plug

Butt Plug It Up

“Stacey, I want you to insert a butt plug before you go to the supermarket.” I mulled over the yet unopened message. I could pretendRead More

Puppy's tail, ready at the vets

Puppy’s Trip

This post loosely follows on from Her Master’s Voice,  a story about a town where pet play is seen as the norm. A man findsRead More

Master’s Pet

Her lube covered finger found her tight hole, she circled it, carefully spreading the slippery substance around her. Clasping the cold metal she teased itRead More


Gun fire. Dogs howling. The wind slicing through his hair as he ran through the rustling woods. Heart pounding. A lust for blood. The smellRead More

Room 114

The cold air was pricking her skin, although her coat was wrapped around her tight, it still found its way in. Icy tendrils caressing herRead More