January 27th 2020: Man looks into screen with website information

January 27th 2420

January 27th 2420AD.  “Susan, I’ve found something.” He pressed his glasses, pinging the information over to Susan for her to process. “Do you remember theRead More

Cruel to You, a woman in latex

Cruel to You

CW: Sexual Violence, Blood The Mercedes rolled up cautiously, the building he found himself parked at was unassuming, not like he was expecting. He checkedRead More

Toy with Him- littlegem in thigh high socks with her laptop on her bare legs.

Toy with Him

Her fingers tentatively slid over the touchpad, she knew what she was going to find but was nervous anyway. Not wanting to be caught indulgingRead More

Head in the Books

Head in the Books

1am on a weekday, the perfect time to go to the University library to breathe in the books. The hustle and bustle of frantic deadlineRead More

Butt Plug It Up- bent over wearing a leather skirt thats lifted just above her bottom. Revealing a jewelled butt plug

Butt Plug It Up

“Stacey, I want you to insert a butt plug before you go to the supermarket.” I mulled over the yet unopened message. I could pretendRead More

Puppy's tail, ready at the vets

Puppy’s Trip

This post loosely follows on from Her Master’s Voice,  a story about a town where pet play is seen as the norm. A man findsRead More