Fans- littlegem is nude by a tree apart from stockings she is wearing. She is holding a fan over her face

Fan of Stockings

When PurpleSole and I decided to start taking photos outside I wanted to buy a pretty fan. I thought it would be a good wayRead More

Layers- littlegem bent over a desk revealing her lace knickers, patterned tights and her bum


This photo was taken at Eroticon and I like it because of the layers of clothing it reveals and what it might reveal about me.Read More

Erotic Reading- a close up of littlegems breast and nipple. a book is resting on her chest and her hand is slipped into her jeans

Erotic Reading

I am now half way through reading the second of the Sleeping Beauty erotic trilogy books. Not sure if it’s because of being denied anRead More

Silk and Lace- a side view of littlegem wearing a half cup silk and lace bodice

Silk and Lace

This is another photo we took at Eroticon of my silk and lace half cup lingerie piece. We didn’t have a huge amount of spareRead More

Denied Orgasms- littlegems breast with a padlock over her nipple

Denied Orgasms

In my post on our recent speculum play I wrote near the end how PurpleSole said I would be denied orgasms for a month. ThatRead More