DIY Sex Table littlegem bent over backwards and cuffed onto the table

DIY Sex Table

I have been meaning to write a post for quite a while about our sex table. This weeks prompt for Kink of the Week isRead More

Anal and I

Anal and I

I really like anal sex. Littlegem really likes it too. Putting my cock in her arse does well to feed our Dominant and submissive feelings.Read More

Shoot Me Again, littlegem sits by a river

Shoot Me Again

All of our posts contain original photos, which can create quite a challenge. Almost all of these photos are of littlegem. After all she isRead More

Dead-end: littlegem flashes her bottom in a maze


Once we found ourselves in a maze. Going in with excitement, trying to be clever and finding the middle before the others around us. ItRead More

Window Dressing- littlegem in lingerie at a hotel window

Window Dressing

We have used this lingerie piece a few times for photos but mainly showing the top half. I like how this image shows off whatRead More