Making a Hucow

With the increase in hormones in littlegem’s body there are a lot of changes going on. One of these is to her breasts, becoming moreRead More

Pregnant and Sexy

This week marks a major milestone in littlegem’s pregnancy, it is the first week in quite a while that she hasn’t been sick. We haveRead More

The Way I Am

It’s the perennial question of self doubt that doesn’t seem to go away, even after 3 years of our D/s relationship (3 years?! yes IRead More



It has taken a few weeks to get back into taking photos again and even now it can be very hit and miss depending onRead More

Candy Caned

Candy Caned

“I told a lie Daddy” I get this message whilst at work and while I’m used to littlegem breaking the rules, its not usually forRead More

The Return of Vixen

The Return of Vixen

Message to littlegem: ‘With not long until Christmas it is important that all of Santa’s reindeer are in peak health before pulling the sleigh. ThereforeRead More