Underpass Over Exposed- littlegem flashing her breasts in an underpass

Underpass Over Exposed

“Stop here and open your top.” It’s dark. The underpass ceiling is low. The lights on the walls are completely engulfed in layers of cobwebs.Read More

Ritualistic Rhymes

Ritualistic Rhymes

The alarm will ring, day has dawn,  Let light in, the curtains drawn.  Warm, comforting, this bed we cannot stay,  Removing your chain so weRead More

On the Road: Littllegem's breasts covered in a seatbelt

On the Road

Littlegem doesn’t like long car journey’s. She gets bored very easily and will make sure to tell me. As we were driving along I couldRead More

Run- littlegem lying in the grass at night nude

Run: The Petulant Sub

“You have 5 seconds, run…”  Usually I wouldn’t recommend that you drink and kink. But sometimes our own rules get a bit blurred when weRead More