Breast of the Past- littlegems lips and hair

Breasts of the Past

My breasts have changed a lot over the last few years, pregnancy and nursing babies having the largest effect. This photo was taken back inRead More

All In One- A close up of littlegem grabbing her bum thats peeping out underneath her silk lingerie

All In One

Recently the prompt for Lingerie is for Everyone was ‘comfy and cute’ and I wrote about my silk night dress. This silk and lace allRead More

The Balance of Power, littlegem cuddles a toy

The Balance of Power

I’ve said it before, but a D/s dynamic is a constant evolution. Survival of this kind of relationship is dependent on both sides working together,Read More

Future Self, A trophy with gem topless behind

Future Self

“Hello, sorry to disturb you” “Who are you?” “I’m from 2019, you, but from the future woohooo” “Why are you doing that with your arms?”Read More

Fans- littlegem is nude by a tree apart from stockings she is wearing. She is holding a fan over her face

Fan of Stockings

When PurpleSole and I decided to start taking photos outside I wanted to buy a pretty fan. I thought it would be a good wayRead More