Come Down

Orgasms feels great, I can highly recommend them. That deep need for orgasm can feel primal, a way of asserting my Dominance. Of course thereRead More

Below the Belt

Introduction to chastity for us When the idea of female chastity came up littlegem was much more excited about the subject than I imagined. WeRead More


We have taken lots of sexy photos for our blog but there are some I like more than others. Since being in D/s there areRead More

Ruby’s Birthday Party

“It’s my birthday in 11 days,” littlegem started the usual countdown a little bit later than previous years. “Although I think that it’s probably aRead More

Just Shoot Me

When we got married the wedding guests had put money together for vouchers to a well known department store. We didn’t know what to doRead More

littlegem with red blue and purple wax dripped over her back

Wax On, Wax Off

Wax play is a gentle way of playing, great for a quieter night of kink. We’ve been a bit naughty in the past, ignoring adviseRead More

Week at the Knees

During one of our more recent discussions, littlegem highlighted a need to have greater control imposed upon her. For me to manage her day toRead More