Time to Rest

We’ve been a bit busy for the last couple of weeks. Littlegem gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and we are thrilled to haveRead More

Dia de los Muertos

After the success of our last bodypainting Littlegem was keen to try again for Halloween. Choosing a Day of the Dead theme (which is 2ndRead More


I’m looking at littlegem with that smirk, she knows I have something on my mind. “I have an idea” I say. “But I’m not reallyRead More

‘Milking’ the Cow

With a D/s relationship there is increase in intimacy and a closeness that comes from exploring various sexual elements. This could be from a closeRead More

Making a Hucow

With the increase in hormones in littlegem’s body there are a lot of changes going on. One of these is to her breasts, becoming moreRead More