January 27th 2020: Man looks into screen with website information

January 27th 2420

January 27th 2420AD.  “Susan, I’ve found something.” He pressed his glasses, pinging the information over to Susan for her to process. “Do you remember theRead More

Time to Evaluate

Time to Evaluate

I’m not one for new years resolutions, I don’t believe it’s the best time to make drastic changes to your lifestyle. After all January is,Read More

Wavy Wonder

Wavy Wonder

Littlegem has very long straight brown hair. As part of her routine littlegem will plait her hair after washing it. The next day she’ll letRead More

65 Days, littlegem sitting on a desk in her lingerie

65 Days

Its 65 Days until Eroticon and we’re both excited to be going again. This is a photo from last year, one of a few inRead More

Cruel to You, a woman in latex

Cruel to You

CW: Sexual Violence, Blood The Mercedes rolled up cautiously, the building he found himself parked at was unassuming, not like he was expecting. He checkedRead More