woman in the wood

Woman in the Wood

I enjoy getting back to having my photo taken outside, there is something about the wood and nature that really lifts the photo for me.Read More



It has taken a few weeks to get back into taking photos again and even now it can be very hit and miss depending onRead More

Come Play with Me

Come Play with Me

Lying here, soft fluff between my legs and leather adorns my neck. Come play with me. Click the camera to check out everyone’s sexy monochromeRead More

Struck a Chord

Struck a Chord

A couple of weeks ago PurpleSole and I went to visit some kinky minded friends, we had a fantastic time and a well needed relax.Read More

Oral Examined

Oral Examined

Giving OralĀ  Before D/s I always feared blowjobs. I generally enjoyed doing them but on my mind would be a swirly mess of worries; WhetherRead More

beyond the mirror

Beyond the Mirror

“You have to look beyond the mirror to see yourself.” Quote by Kimto Oche Emmanuel I quite like mirrors, not in the everyday sense. IRead More

Kneel in front of a stained glass window nude


“When life gives you more than you can stand, kneel.”