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This site is all about our life in a Dominant and submissive relationship; the good, the bad and the naughty bits.


We are a married couple living in a Dominant and submissive lifestyle since early 2018. Together we have a young family and try to fit our kinky lifestyle around all the pressures of life. It has certainly changed our lives in an amazing way and will hopefully continue to do so as we learn and grow together.


Our Interests

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 A lot of our time is spent taking photographs. We both enjoy taking photos during scenes or outside. You can see some of PurpleSole’s favourites in our gallery.

We have a wide range of kinks, but you may see these pop up every so often:

Anal button- littlegem facing the wall nude, a rabbit vibrator toy in hand pressed against her butt. Double exposure has been used to give the effect that the toys head is spinning.


You will find that littlegem loves putting things in her arse. It wasn’t so much of a kink for us as we were doing it before our D/s dynamic began. However now we have started to explore more deeply, using a range of toys, tail plugs even some ginger

We have done a variety of different roleplays to add a bit of fun into our dynamic. It may feel a bit silly sometimes but it doesn’t matter in the end as long as you are having fun. We have had some interesting times as littlegem has played a prostitute, a stripper and a sexy reindeer. PurpleSole has also got in on the action, being a Headmaster to a naughty school girl.

Puppy play button- puppy in her collar


Puppy is gem’s pet persona, she enjoys being out on a leash and to follow her Masters commands, some of the time at least. We pet play our way, since there is a minority of female puppy players. PurpleSole enjoys the control from putting littlegem on a leash and seeing her with a beautiful fluffy tail.

little play button- ruby in her tutu


Ruby is the name of littlegem’s little persona. She likes rainbows, stickers and My Little Pony. She can appear at any time and she is always up for fun, usually at the expense of her Daddy. Allowing littlegem to have the freedom to express herself in this way has been very beneficial for her well-being as it allows her to focus on the little things that make her smile.


Spanking, impact, knives, all things that cause pain. A good example of this is when when PurpleSole decided to carry out an interrogation scene on a ‘secret spy’, tormenting littlegem’s character into giving him the infomation he needed. We have also played with our ElectraStim numerous times to really get the pulses racing.

 PurpleSole and littlegem

PurpleSole button- suited and booted


Understanding how to be a Dom has been a challenge, being able to write my feelings down and get feedback from others has been valuable in continuing our dynamic. As we continue to grow and learn we hope that you enjoy our journey.

littlegem button- littlegem nude behind the camera


This website has allowed littlegem to grow in confidence. It has been a joy to see her become more confident showing pictures that we take together and talk about all the naughty things she likes to do to herself.

Why We Blog

We have decided to start our blog as I think putting thoughts and feelings down in writing will help us further understand ourselves and unravel the whirlwind of D/s and its effects it has on us both individually and together. We are hoping to write some of our posts together so you can see things from both perspectives of a Dominant and a submissive. If you wanted to read about the beginning for PurpleSole or littlegem you can follow the links on our respective names.

What has been a big help for us is connecting with others in the same lifestyle, it really puts things in perspective to know that others share the same thoughts and have similar problems that we do from time to time. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact, we would love to hear from anyone on a similar road to us.

Also feel free to comment on our blog!

If you are interested in working with us please take a look at how you can.