Time to Rest

We’ve been a bit busy for the last couple of weeks. Littlegem gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and we are thrilled to have our new addition to our family. He has taken up a lot of our time, as a new-born does so we’ve taken a break to focus on the important things. A few weeks ago a friend sent littlegem a kimono to wear as a present, which was very nice. So much that we thought it was nice to take some final photos since now we know that there will be less time for other things. Photography will take a back step for a short while and we will take time to rest when we can.


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9 Replies to “Time to Rest

  1. Congratulations on the birth of a boy! I wish you all health and happiness. Take care of yourself.
    The photo in a kimono is very stylish. Thank you for taking the time and energy to do it. It really is like a time machine.

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