Dia de los Muertos

After the success of our last bodypainting Littlegem was keen to try again for Halloween. Choosing a Day of the Dead theme (which is 2nd November but close enough) , it allowed her to get creative in a way that got the upcoming baby involved too. Once again I played the passive role, as my art skills are simply not up to it and stuck to setting up the room to capture her art. 

For me it was a little different. We had organised a video chat with friends and they were going to watch me be painted, whilst they did their own thing at the same time. The intention here was that my cock was going to be painted with a ‘bone’. Turns out there are a few things that make this sort of thing hard to do. But being in front of a camera naked with my legs apart so that littlegem could try and paint me was a position I was somewhat unfamiliar with. I like being painted though, I enjoy having her make me into a creation and although the cock part wasn’t as intended the face parts did and overall we had fun, which is the main bit. 



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