I’m looking at littlegem with that smirk, she knows I have something on my mind.

“I have an idea” I say. “But I’m not really sure how to do it”.

I go on to explain I have been doing some research into Greek mythology, more specifically Gaia, the so called ‘mother of life’. The intention being that we could paint littlegem’s pregnant body head to toe to represent her and therefore take some erotic arty pictures. However a large flaw in this plan other than never having tried body painting or having any of the supplies to do was that I have little to no art skills. 

Luckily littlegem is particularly skilled for the task, the next job was to acquire the paint to do the job. Another issue with using body paint is that there is a high probability that paint would react badly with her skin, so instead of purchasing paints we would make them ourselves. The recipe called for easily washable children’s paint (which we happen to be able to raid from their cupboard) mixed with face cream / moisturiser and cornflour until the consistency was the right balance for application. 

Given the nature of the task a lot of time was needed, therefore we did this during my holiday. Since I had time I walked the children to school and left littlegem on her own to prepare. An hour later I returned to see her half way through her masterpiece, going much better than anticipated. There is always a worry when you have an idea in your head about how it will work out in reality. I set up the camera, since it was about time I put some effort in, and we took a few shots trying a couple of ideas. 


Afterwards was a little messy, as you can imagine. Small paint pots scattered around and a need to transfer littlegem upstairs and into the shower. She reported that her skin felt lovely after using the moisturiser infused paint. 

So well done littlegem for making my idea a creative reality.

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13 Replies to “Gaia

  1. This is amazing! I have a soft spot for mythology and must say you nailed it! Mother of life indeed. Beautiful!

  2. I love this picture so much. Well done littlegem. Not sure how you managed that but it is brilliant. And a great photographer too. Well done you two. Missy x

  3. Gorgeous! I’m so glad you’ve tried body painting. Making your own paint too, what a great idea! Wonderful skills Littlegem, and lovely job capturing the moments PurpleSole.

    N xx

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