‘Milking’ the Cow

With a D/s relationship there is increase in intimacy and a closeness that comes from exploring various sexual elements. This could be from a close inspection of your partner’s body or it could be the intense feeling of sliding your entire fist inside of them.

There are times however when a more hands off approach can be more exciting, this is one of those times.

Milking Machine

Call me a pervert, but I was daydreaming, thinking about littlegem attached to a milking machine on all fours with her helplessly being milked whilst I watched. Her nipples have become sensitive of recent. Using nipple play has an option in a way it hasn’t previously now that her nipple piercings have been removed. 

There are some obstacles to this becoming a reality. Firstly that she doesn’t currently lactate, not a problem right now as it’s still fun to play with. I just know the humiliation factor would be increased if there was milk production happening. The second issue is creating a system that would allow hands free milking so that littlegem is free to enjoy the sensations. We have a double electric breast pump but typically they have to be held in place by hand, not practical in a play sense.

The Rope Harness

The solution for this came to me late as I was trying to go to bed, a typical time for inspiration to come. Previous ideas have included putting holes in clothing, which worked but were quite covering. An idea to have a rope harness strapping the suction cups to her breasts would add a kinky element to play. Research showed a few options, but few go over the nipples which is what I needed to hold the cups in place. This meant having to make it up on the night.

Littlegem was instructed to wear her cow outfit. Recently she had been tasked with cutting out breast holes and had fulfilled her duty very successfully. She also had her new cow socks too and to match the outfit I chose black rope. 

Working together we thought of how a harness would hold the cups in place and it didn’t take too long to position the rope in an X shape harness, with the rope doubled either side of the cup to hold it in place. Working better than expected it allowed her to get on all fours and have the rest of the machinery attached to her. Turning it on, the machine sucks at her nipples and she is free to rest her weight on the sofa, I can hear soft groans as she asks the machine to be turned up. 

Making it More Intense

At this point I am very glad with what has happened so far, it didn’t take forever to come up with a workable harness and there doesn’t seem to be issues in its use. Come milk time I can see this working. 

An idea comes to mind, something I had thought about before but not mentioned before. Mostly because I hadn’t expected to get to this stage so quickly, but also because I didn’t know how it would be received. It was to get a fucking machine, have I not mentioned we bought a fucking machine? Well, we bought a fucking machine and I thought it would be very sexy to have it penetrate her whilst on all fours with the milking machine very much attached and sucking away at her. 

I tell her my idea and her reaction is positive, albeit cautious, unsurprisingly. Popping into the other room, grabbing the machine, setting it up, attaching the dildo (which is quite sizeable), lubing it up and positioning it in the right angle with optimal thrust. In hindsight writing this now I can see that having this set up prior rather than during play was a key error. 

Nevertheless both machine are turned up, one sucking at both her nipples, the other pounding inside of her. The base of the fucking machine is up against a stone hearth and therefore relentlessly thrusts inside her, like it or not. 

Unfortunately she’s erring on the ‘or not’, as it turns out the combination of the two machines working away at her is quite intense. It should really be something I should have accounted for, especially given she wasn’t in full knowledge of what was going to happen. She asks to stop and we have a discussion about what happened. 

It’s important to recognise why play doesn’t work as well as hoped. When pushing her with an activity that is new I have to be mindful of how the intensity can make her feel. I want the intense play to comfort her and relax into what is going on, rather than to feel panicked or any other reasonable reaction to extremes. A lot of this for me comes down to communicating effectively, particularly during play. Everyone is different and understanding what your partner needs is an important part of growth.

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7 Replies to “‘Milking’ the Cow

  1. I can totally see how the humiliation factor will work here, and also how the two together might be a bit intense, even though I absolutely love the idea of it. Lovely images, and thank you for sharing this experience 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

  2. I am liking your humiliation play PS. I think that this sounds really hot. At the same time, I can see that in reality it might not work but the thought of it is something that I could get in to. Missy x

  3. Full entourage. You managed to combine four different directions in one image at once, and maybe more. Many thanks to Littlejam for her ability, willingness and commitment.

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