Making a Hucow

With the increase in hormones in littlegem’s body there are a lot of changes going on. One of these is to her breasts, becoming more sensitive and ultimately larger. I, as well as many others, am fascinated by breasts, so my interest in their development is understandable. 

One of the first changes was littlegem removing her nipple piercings as there was no way they were going to be able to stay. These I have had mixed feelings on, whilst they look attractive and have created many ideal gift ideas with all the designs you buy they have hindered our play somewhat. The healing time alone meant that they were to be left alone and I did feel sad that it took some options away as far as play and sex in general was concerned. With them removed, breasts and nipple play are back on the agenda.

Currently she is noting some differences, in sensitivity and feeling heavy. It has been refreshing to be able to use her nipples to tease and play with, watching the way it makes her squirm. There are also some fantasies that we can start to fulfil.

Milk Up

Anatomically speaking the purpose of breasts are to feed a baby after it is born, which is exactly what is going to happen. This will be a delicate time in regards to body confidence as well as the stresses of pregnancy and postpartum pains. Sexual fantasies are great but baby is coming first. That being said there is no reason to fantasise about else could be explored.

A big fantasy of mine regards me having control of her lactating breasts. It has been a lot of fun to see sexual pleasure result in the release of milk in the past, especially to see the reaction it gets from littlegem. An element of humiliation, helplessly spraying milk onto the sheets as a result of her enjoyment.

In order to aid and continue milk production into the future we have a double breast pump. By sticking to a routine it is hoped that she continues to have large milk filled breasts. The milking sessions can become part of our play and we have already experimented with her on all fours whilst the milking machine sucks on her nipples. Although we will have to wait to do this properly.

As part of this play littlegem has been bought some cow print clothing as she is to be my hucow, milkmaid, whatever you want to call it. The humiliation of turning her into a cow is more erotic than I thought and she does look very cute when she’s dressed up. It remains to be seen how far we can explore this, but for now it was fun to take photos of her as a cow in a field. 


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15 Replies to “Making a Hucow

  1. I often have issues with your site loading and unfortunately couldn’t see the image but I loved what you wrote in this post. You always find a way to make things kinky and the closeness that you share really comes across. I am sure that your little cow looks very cute and I will keep trying to view the image. Missy x

    1. Oh no, I hope that’s not the same for everybody, grr. I don’t get notifications to say people have commented either. I’ll have to find another way to share 😛

  2. Sorry to read Missy has site loading problems. Thankfully your posts and pictures come through loud and clear to me.

    I am completly smitten with Littlegem in her hucow costume. She looks wonderful and when you asked her to cut holes in it to release her ‘large milk filled breasts’ , I was over the moo n. To read of her on all fours being milked excites me beyond imagining.

  3. It doesn’t look demeaning, but rather very cute. I am very glad that you have not disappeared from the horizon, and as far as possible continue your work. Thank you.

  4. I loved this – from the image Little Gem looks super cute.

    Your fantasies sound lots of fun too – it’s not really my kink but I find when people write enthusiastically about something they enjoy (and as you say, this ticks several boxes) I get quite invested anyway.

    Looking forward to more from your dainty Hucow.

    P.S. no loading or image problems for me,

  5. I love how you explore your kink, and that image is just so damn cute!
    ~ Marie xox

    PS: I sometimes have loading issues too, and then have to come back later or the next day to see the image. No idea why this happens.

  6. Site loaded just fine – like the photo – and I’m pretty sure this counts as a perversion – though one I haven’t tried and am not likely to get the chance to either so look forward to hearing more!

  7. Great piece and image too. That ’10 second toe curl’ or ‘let down’ feeling as you begin feeding is extraordinary. So glad I was able to do it with both of my children.
    Such exciting times for you both
    lilly x

  8. Daddy’sGirl says this is a beautiful website, and this article on the Huccow experience is a delightful sharing of your D/S relationship throughout a married-life event – physical developments during pregnancy. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

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