Pregnant and Sexy

This week marks a major milestone in littlegem’s pregnancy, it is the first week in quite a while that she hasn’t been sick.

We have been fully prepared for the notion that her pregnancy will have an effect on our lifestyle. Although most of what we have thought about perhaps focuses more on a romanticised fantasy of a submissive bred by her Dominant, growing it in her belly for me. This definitely brought our relationship closer during conception. 

But the reality of such a big change cannot be ignored. At 18 weeks she is showing a nice cute bump and carries on life best she can without letting on how nauseous she has been or how her back is starting to plague her as well as the other worries that come with growing a lifeform.

From the outside I like to think I have tried my best to help, taking some of the everyday load away when I can, being emotionally support. However ultimately there isn’t a huge amount I can do to ‘fix’ the problems. As a Dom and care giver she is my responsibility to look after and that duty can feel futile when her body doesn’t allow her to feel sexy or even just comfortable at times.

We made a promise to do this pregnancy different. During the previous 2 times, before our D/s relationship, the pregnancy was also hard. Same feelings of sickness, same body issues, same impact on our relationship that perhaps can make us feel less close than we would like. She is tired so needs more sleep and uses a special pillow that wraps around her that prohibits cuddles, that can feel like a barrier to intimacy.

Obviously as the partner there are elements I can’t control, she is going to feel like this occasionally, it’s part of the course. There are still controls that I have that can have an impact however.

Taking Pictures

A look back in our photo library shows that we did not take a lot of photos the previous 2 times, this wasn’t through lack of want. Personality I find pregnant women very beautiful and littlegem especially so with the emotional attachment of our combined offspring inside. However she did not feel so positive about it. We therefore only have a few photos, it was decided that this time an effort would be made to create pictures to preserve the memory of what is happening right now. I always wanted a collection of erotic pregnancy photos and it has really got me thinking about how to capture her beauty. 

One of the few photos we have from a previous pregnancy

Already we have been out a couple of times and have other plans in place. This is what excites me and is what I think about as the bump gets ever bigger. This does become a bonding experience for us both, much like it is under usual circumstances. It’s very much a time I don’t want to feel like I’m wasting, however I need to be realistic, especially in regards to the capabilities of a partner that is expecting. I can’t drag her around the countryside looking for all the places I might want to take her. 


It is important for us both to maintain an intimate relationship. Being understanding about her needs means that we can continue to have sex in a way that works for her. A few times we have shared a bath, with the water helping to relieve her joints so that we may have sex side by side. Although this option is becoming ever increasingly more difficult in regards to space and other options will have to be explored. 

Positions have become trickier. My personal favourite, having her on her front prone with me on top from behind, will have to wait for a while. Missionary also isn’t happening, so therefore various forms of doggy style, that don’t put too much pressure on her wrists, is the way to go. It does allow me to control her pleasure still with hands free to touch. 

Pregnant and Sexy

Littlegem is sexy, her being pregnant only makes that more intense. Over the coming months it is my duty to make this process as comfortable as possible. It is important not just to see the benefits and manage the issues that I can control. Yes there are frustrations from not feeling like we are getting the most out of it at times, spending time cuddling rather than playing. Focusing on what is best for her is the way to go. Making her feel sexy is also a part of my duty and I intend to do my best to nurture those feelings that getting bigger is sexier. 



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17 Replies to “Pregnant and Sexy

  1. There is something sexy about a woman pregnant with your child. We’ve had three, the youngest is twenty so it’s been awhile. The thing I remember is her sex drive was through the roof, but she never had morning sickness and had relatively easy pregnancies compared to others. I will say, enjoy the young ones while you can. We were so busy working, we were young, we didn’t know how quick that time goes by. Now, while we are enjoying our “empty nest”, we look back and realize how quickly the time really goes. We do have our first grandchild coming soon so we will have a new little one to spoil.
    Congratulations guys.

    1. Thank you, we do try our best to make the most of it all, this is our third and as exhausting it’ll be it’ll be important to make lots of memories. Grandchildren sound fun, all play with less of the responsibility, perfect for spoiling.

  2. I have always loved images of pregnant women, and the images of Gem are no different. They are stunning, and show one of the wonders of nature, being able to grow a new life inside a body. I look forward to seeing many more of her images 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

  3. littlegem looks great. Hope u feels good. It was a little sad without your new posts, so this is a holiday. Be healthy and take care of yourself.

  4. I LOVE this post PS. First of all, Gem looks very, very sexy in this image and I am glad that you were able to share this image with us all. I also think that the points you have raised here are so important. I understand why pregnant women are very sexy but have also experienced the changes that go along with pregnancy and I really didn’t feel good. I have spoken to subs in the past who worried about how pregnancy would affect their D/s so having you write about your own experience will be really helpful and encouraging to many I think. Thank you for sharing.

  5. What a beautiful post! We didn’t start our D/s until our youngest was 17. I can only imagine how wonderful it would have been if we’d been practicing our dynamic from our beginnings. Thank you for seeing the beauty in pregnancy and celebrating it in your photo. And especially for sharing it.

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