Cream Dream (with a bit of Green)

I may have broken the rules slightly.

When I use lightroom to edit the photos that we have taken together I will often save a ‘preset’ edit if I think it may be useful in the future. That way I don’t forget how I edited an image next time, as I have often done. I named this preset Cream Dream as it has given littlegem a nice creamy tone. However I didn’t want to take away the bright shiny green silk lingerie she is wearing too. So therefore it isn’t truly a monochrome image. 

A black and white version to appease the purists, but I think the colour version is preferable.


8 Replies to “Cream Dream (with a bit of Green)

  1. You’re right. There is not much green, but it is kind of dark and crushes a little. Which is not felt on the monochrome version. The littlegem is of course beautiful in both shots.

  2. I concur. Color captures more in this case.
    I see a devilish gleam in her eye and a come hither wish for whomever is in her gaze.

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