Flirt with my Wife

Sexy Littlegem

As you know littlegem is a beautiful and sexy woman, as you may also know we share our photos on our blog and on our twitter. She also has an OnlyFans account including videos and other extra sexual content. Needless to say this provokes a lot of positive reaction, and I love it.

One of my pleasures is to look at a photo she has posted and read the comments. It really excites me that others enjoy looking at her and makes me proud that she is my wife and sub. I know that this goes further and that she has people contact her directly saying how much they enjoy her pictures and how aroused they have become, I love that too. She also has a few that masturbate thinking about her and that’s what I like the most.

Maybe I’m a very simple person, but that knowledge that others get off to her turns me on. Its almost like it is primal that of all the people that fantasise about her, I’m the one that gets to do it for real. I get to have sex with her, I can fill her with my cum, I can satisfy my sexual desires with her. 

It’s a kink isn’t it, thinking about your wife messaging with other people in a sexual context? It didn’t use to be that way, I was very protective of it when we first got together. I imagine my insecurity of losing her made me want to poke want to be suitors with a stick, primally speaking. Now I have moved on since then, I want her to flourish and express herself and be put on a pedestal for everyone to see, with a crowd of people raising a salute in their trousers. That implies just men contact her, which isn’t true and having female attention is incredibly hot too. 

I hope this continues and goes from strength to strength, with a continued knowledge that littlegem is so damn sexy. 

If you want to tell littlegem what you think about her then you can find her on twitter @littlegemf or if you want view all photos and videos you can join the Littlegem Fan Club. But if you do enjoy seeing then please do tell her. 



14 Replies to “Flirt with my Wife

  1. Lovely photos
    I understand your kink. My co-husband shares that kink which is how we wound up in our relationship!
    Please keep sharing your journey and the pics that go along.

  2. A lovely example of your relationship and the trust you have. It’s great that you share your wife with us like this, who doesn’t like a bit of eye candy !

  3. That’s a brilliant image, and you are right to be so proud of Gem! Love this: “a crowd of people raising a salute in their trousers”.
    ~ Marie xox

  4. Littlegem is really gorgeous and very sexy. I love that you get a kick out of sharing her in this way and watching the reaction of others. I also understand hows these kinks can be hidden initially and can develop over time. Great to see you back on Tell Me About too – we have missed you. Missy x

  5. I am glad that you appreciate what you have and are proud of your wife, her beauty and her talents. I missed you. Hope to see your new work and posts.

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