Stroke the Shaft

Stroke the Shaft

When we sat down recently and had a deeper chat about what exactly it is what we want from our relationship, one of things I said I’d like, but didn’t really specify, was that I needed an escape. A way of letting go for a moment and to stop thinking. This needn’t have been sexual. 

Littlegem made a suggestion to give me a lingam massage, not the first time I’ve received one, but it had been a while and I felt like it was needed.

A lingam Massage

So just in case you don’t know a lingam massage, as described by Wikipedia is as such:

‘A lingam massage is a type of Tantric massage that primarily focuses on the male genitalia.”

You could be a cynic and say this is just a massage for your cock. But it is meant to be much more than that:

‘The purpose of the Lingam Massage is to create a space the receiver to relax, and receive expanded pleasure from his Lingam.  His partner (the giver) experiences the joy of facilitating and witnessing the man surrendering to his softer, gentler side.  It is an excellent process to build trust and intimacy. ‘ From Charlotte Tantra

To this end, in order to facilitate the process of trust, intimacy and the softening of my masculinity candles were lit, background music was put on (in this case rainforest sounds) and all other distractions were silenced. Littlegem wore a silk robe as I lay naked on our floor bed, made of sofa cushions and a blanket. She had brought a jar of coconut oil with her and melted some in her hands before setting to work all over my body.

Although I am naked at this point the oil coats me in an extra layer that makes me feel protected. It seals in the warmth of my skin and allows me to feel lost in the sensations. Littlegem said she enjoyed seeing my body all shiny, in her mind she meant how a gladiator may be prepared for a fight, but the words that came out of my mouth were, “I’m oiled up like a penguin.”

Nevertheless she continued, working her way up my legs, telling me what she was doing, making sure to add more oil so there was as little friction as possible. Then she lay her hand between my legs, it was warm and it was at this point I felt completely relaxed. Having her stroke the shaft, in slippery twisty motions was exactly what I needed. I didn’t know precisely what the movements were as my eyes were closed, but the slickness of her hands gliding over me were the only sensations I needed. I could feel her thumb making circular motions on my perineum and the dual motions of both hands were heavenly, I was probably making a lot of groaning noises, I have no idea. I also didn’t really have comprehension of how long she had been massaging me, but it felt like a while. Every so often I would notice the rainforest soundtrack looping. 

Then littlegem spoke, and it took me a moment to comprehend what was happening. She was enjoying stroking my cock, but wanted more. Lifting herself above me she lowered herself onto my cock (a very unprofessional move that I hadn’t read about in my research). I was hard at this point, so much that littlegem described it as feeling like marble. It was hard and slippery, she was wet and smooth thanks to her regular waxing. Having her ride me was pulling me out of my relaxed state and into something more sexual. She was flipped over and I got on top. 

She was to touch herself, to bring herself close to the edge, all whilst I fucked her with my stiff cock. It was intense and passionate, a much needed emotional connection. A command was given to orgasm after I counted her down and her body reacted to it. I enjoy the feeling of her climax under my instruction and we’re planning to experiment more with it. 

Afterwards was the relaxing come down. A cuddle under the duvet on the sofa together. The effect of a lengthy penile massage had led to explosive enjoyment. She is able to extract that pleasure from me, to let my mind drift in bliss and escape from everything else, and that is why I couldn’t recommend a lingam massage more. A physical and emotional happy ending. 

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  1. mmmmm i was feeling Littlegem on me. oh i haven’t been this hard for awhile. very erotic. Thank You for sharing

  2. Having received a yoni massage, I know how you can totally get lost in the massage, and how passion can flare up because of it. Love this post, PS, and that image is mmm
    ~ Marie

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