It has taken a few weeks to get back into taking photos again and even now it can be very hit and miss depending on how I am feeling. It sucks that things aren’t the same as they used to be, but it’s no good dwelling on it (easier said than done). We have to move forwards and be happy with what we have now (and if I keep telling myself this, one day it might sink in).

When getting ready for this photo session, PurpleSole didn’t have a clear direction of what he wanted. That gap makes me uncertain and doubts start to creep in. I distract myself by putting on makeup and I really enjoy getting creative with my colour pallets, this is when the idea came to me for the photo.

I decided a sort of statue image of myself and PS in midst of passion would be interesting. As matching as possible with black lace lingerie and bronze makeup. I prefer the colour version as you can see the makeup better but I thought the images encapsulate the concept of Eros.

eroc in colour





If you would like to see many more sexy, erotic and much more graphic images and videos of Littlegem, come with me!

4 Replies to “Eros

  1. This is gorgeous and very sexy. I had a momentary thought about myself and HL trying a version but ….. eeeek …… don’t think it would have quite the same effect.

  2. Of course, you should not dwell on the bad, it is better to move forward, which you have demonstrated here. Great photos. But I like monochrome more.

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