Bring The Sparkle

Happy New Year! Yes I know if may seem a bit late but it seems that we have taken a few weeks off to refresh ourselves and get back into the swing of things. There has been some changes and if I find the time I may write that down, but for now we decided to take some photos together, the first time in what seems like ages. Littlegem wore an outfit that she was going to use for a play to bring the sparkle during Christmas that ultimately never happened. 

I would really like to push forwards with taking photos of her and to remind her how sexy she is. I have even made it a goal that we both are body positive not just about each other but ourselves. It is also a handy way to make content for her Onlyfans Site which will shortly have many more photos from this particular evening.

Littlegem Fan Club


16 Replies to “Bring The Sparkle

  1. This is a gorgeous image, PS, and I am sure the other images in this series will be stunning. Yay on making body positivity a goal 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

  2. It really is important to regroup, especially after the lull after Christmas and the continuing situation. Onwards and upwards 🍻

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