Sin-derella – A Christmas play



“It is time for the Christmas theatre production of Sin-derella, an adult retelling of the Cinderella story. Due to a late cancellation a role needs to be filled. Therefore you must see the Christmas executive (as he is director) for an audition.

You are to turn up to your audition in costume (the one with access required) and perform a solo scene to impress the director. He will provide any aids you may  require and may make an audition tape to remember the performance.”

PurpleSole has thought of lots of different D/s play ideas for advent. These are all unknown to me until I receive a message with some basic details a couple of days before. Sometimes it takes me a while to get on board with the idea, this being one of the occasions. As part of trying to focus on being more submissive, I am consciously trying to question PS less, to trust that he has thought of everything and actually let him be in control. In the past I have had a tendency to squash this with my over concerned nature. For this reason although I wasn’t entirely on board with the idea, because the reason was silly I tried to ignore it. If you are wondering, the reason was because the outfit I had chosen (before I knew what the play would be) that had bottom access was a woodland fairy, which didn’t really fit Cinderella. Yes it literally didn’t matter as I wasn’t actually going for an audition, but this was enough to form a block in my mind and made me reluctant. 

As I said I kept my reason to myself and apart from not feeling up for the play the night it was scheduled it still happened which I am happy about. 

Behind the scenes of Sin-derella

The evening of the play came and I went upstairs to get into my costume whilst PS set the ‘stage.’ I never plan anything for our play, it would stress me out to do so and the likely outcome is I would forget/Change my mind anyway. Before Advent started PS had given me a list of outfits he wanted me to get things for or put together from what I already own, the one for tonight simply listed as, 

“One sexy Christmas outfits with bottom access needed. Christmas related sexy outfits preferred, could be mythical such as a fairy or nymph, or a snow lady etc.” 

I bought some amazing and quite big fairy wings and a tulle skirt thinking I could use them with some kind of top I own. When it came to putting the outfit on I didn’t think I looked fairy enough so decided to look up make up ideas. In the end I did a kind of ivy pattern with greens and blues and I think the effort was more mythical. I took a quick photo then went downstairs to the stage. 


Enter stage 

PS had set up a white backdrop with fairy lights by the tree, which looked pretty. Also a camera stand and light all at floor level directly in front, which looked daunting. Around the sex blanket which was in front of the backdrop was a variety of dildos and toys. 

I had entered the room with the cheeky idea of reciting some lines from Cinderella and acting appalled at the suggestion of using sex toys, but all bratty-ness drained away as PS immediately took charge of the situation. Explaining in a nonchalant manner the role in Sin-derella requires this show of activities, I was then directed to sit on the ‘stage’ whilst the opening script was read to me. 

Sin-derella Opening act 

It transpired that I was to use certain toys in different stages to pleasure myself for him. Something that we have done before, albeit not during a role play scene. I really enjoyed the build up and the constant camera on me, filming my actions does add a naughty feel for me. I could feel myself falling into his role for me and my body reacting to his words. 

I really enjoyed the context the toys had to the play. Seeing that PS had picked them out carefully to fit his script made the scene fit together really well and gave them purpose. And of course as Cinderella has the correctly fitting glass slipper, I in turn had a tight fitting glass pillar toy to pleasure myself with. 

As the scene moved on PS was unable to hide his arousal any longer and had pulled his cock out to have a wank along with me. I really love to see a guy stroke their big hard cock, especially if it’s erect because of my actions. When asked to ride in the carriage I did go off script slightly as I couldn’t resist taking him in my mouth. Don’t you love it when you can feel how turned on someone is, the slightest of movements from my tongue sent his cock twitching, so I took him deep and slowly so he could release himself. 

Final Act – Sin-derella’s surprise 

When I thought the play was coming to a close a whole unexpected part was unfolding before me. In a haze from sucking cock and edging myself on many sexy toys I hadn’t quite listened, or just not fully comprehended what was happening next.

It was explained to me that I was to climax and the next part was to check I was ready to perform in front of an audience. In my slightly naive mind I just assumed I was going to be filmed again. But no, that had already been taking place the whole time, what would possibly be more audience like? 

My phone was placed on the tripod in front of the ring light, I could see myself on the screen and that my face right down to my wide open legs were in view. Before I was up to speed I heard my phone ringing and the face of a good friend appeared on what I now realised was a video call. Shit, shitty shit he’s really pushing me now. 

Slightly startled my legs pinged closed as I could hear PS explain what he expected of me, how this audience member would very much like to watch my performance. I will point out that this friend has seen me nude and watched our play before, so although I was unaware of this event beforehand, there is pre-existing consent. 

I said earlier how I was trying to not question PS’s decisions and go with it. That did not happen here. This situation, although one I enjoy being put into, is still hard for me to just go with. My natural instinct is to push back, try and wriggle out of it. Especially as I was to masturbate to climax whilst our friend watched me, saw live all the expressions I pull, noises I make in the process, even the way I like to hump the toy. It was all too much and I shook my head and whimpered to Daddy. He had become ‘Daddy’ at this point, my role had completely left me and I was feeling very small. 

PS kept calm, he knew all of this would happen and expected my very un-sub like reaction. He gently coaxed me round. I wanted to do it to please him and I knew I liked to show off really, deep down. When in this situation I have to be made to do it, that it’s not my choice to do these naughty acts in front of people and certainly not to enjoy it. That it is really PS’s will and I have no choice in the matter. This is just how I am built and I doubt it will ever change, no matter how much explicit content I make, receive messages from people telling me how ‘sexy’ I am and show me how they masturbate to my image. I will always feel like I am not that person, I couldn’t be her for that matter. I know it can be off-putting for PS and has been in the past when I push back like this, but open communication about what is really going on inside my head helps. 

Curtain Down – the climactic close

The voices in my mind asking me, ‘what must I look like to him,’ telling me, ‘no one would enjoy my performance anyway,’ weren’t quietened. But they were twisted round for me, fuelling my final performance. I tried to keep my eyes closed whilst fucking myself, trying to hide myself away in my exposed position. But I know I kept stealing glances of him watching me. Using one of my favourite larger vibrators that has a penis head shaped end I rocked my hips against it’s shaft, slowly building up an incredible leg shaking orgasm. Then cameras off. 

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12 Replies to “Sin-derella – A Christmas play

  1. What a wonderful production of Sin-derella. I love the way you explain your feelings throughout the production with honesty and clarity. It all makes for a very emotional and highly sexual event and one for which a seat at the front must be the hottest ticket in town.

    1. Thank you CP, I’m glad my emotions came across clear. I have found writing a biy harder of late but this just flowed out of me.

  2. First of all, your make up is absolutely stunning. That second image of you is just WOW! I love that PS added the audience member, and totally understand your feelings then of not wanting to do it, even though deep down you like to show off. And seriously, I would love to see you perform Sin-derella live 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

  3. A wonderful performance. I really liked the detailed description of its preparation and implementation. The makeup is great and fits the scene very well.

  4. This is a very hot scenario and you have depicted it with lust-building details. It’s made so real by your inner monologue of doubts and this helped me put myself more in your shoes, which is also a sexy prospect. You are so much braver and bolder than you realise, wonderful sharing and great communication and support ‘claps’ must go to PS. What a relationship you have!
    Please take some extra claps yourself for the beautiful make-up/ look you created for your audition – breathtaking Gem!

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