Candy Caned

Candy Caned

“I told a lie Daddy”

I get this message whilst at work and while I’m used to littlegem breaking the rules, its not usually for lying. I press her for details.

“A man knocked on the door selling windows and asked if this was my house or my parents.”

She had told him that she didn’t own the house, which we do, just to get rid of him. To be fair I have done that before, but the excuse may run thin the older we get.

“Was I naughty for lying Daddy?”

Yes she was a naughty little girl. This was an opportunity to make her punishment Christmas themed. Therefore she was instructed to come downstairs wearing her red and white stripy stockings and receive a caning to add a few more stripes to her bottom.

As it turned out she got a fair spanking too, leaving her with blushed rosy cheeks. You can even see the imprint of my hand still.


14 Replies to “Candy Caned

  1. Your image is wonderful, it tells so much of the story.
    There is something about those stripy socks, I really want some now I see everyone else’s, and of course Gem wears them so well.

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