The Return of Vixen

The Return of Vixen

Message to littlegem:

‘With not long until Christmas it is important that all of Santa’s reindeer are in peak health before pulling the sleigh. Therefore each one has been given an appointment with the vet.

Vixen is to visit the North Pole vet and undergo a series of tests. She will expect to be examined and probed in a thorough manner to ensure she has all of the capability to carry out her duties. The vet will then decide whether she is fit enough to be part of the sleigh team.’

Some backstory:

Vixen the Reindeer is a tradition between us. On Christmas eve night she visits me, wakes me up and in my sleepy haze she gives me oral pleasure. This started in 2018, however she wasn’t very well last year so was indefinitely postponed. So it’s a tradition as much as only doing it once can be.

So having not played with her for almost 2 years I was keen to bring her back, deciding to create a play around her character. We used to do inspections fairly regularly but they have since fallen out of favour.


As the self-proclaimed Christmas executive I have ordered Vixen see the vet so that she may have clearance to carry out her Christmas duties, but I need to do so in a kinky dominance kind of way. Therefore the tests and observations I had in mind had to match what could be a legitimate examination.

I hadn’t planned to do this play so soon, but since the last play we did lacked communication I wanted to do one that focused on what I was saying. Role plays work best when there is dialogue to maintain position. In order to aid myself I wrote down a rough list of what I was going to do in order, then clipped it to my examination clipboard. I find the best way for me to remember is to write things down. That way I feel more prepared and less likely to fluster during play, which isn’t ideal. 

The Night of the Play 

The night of the play fell on the evening of our weekly spanking, so it was a nice way to warm ourselves up mentally before our role play. The heater was on too, so that also warmed us up. 

After her spanking, which wasn’t hard just enough to rosy the cheeks, she was told to go upstairs and prepare. Having been given the details of the play a few days prior I wasn’t sure exactly how she was preparing herself apart from how she looked 2 years ago. 

I set up the room, with examination platform on the floor. I decided against wearing the white lab coat, if she is almost naked and I’m heating the room for her comfort then I am going to be sweating in a full length coat. I did have my favourite trousers and my Christmas tie on though to keep the theme going. 

The Play Begins

She messages me from upstairs to tell me that she’s ready, this is it. I message back inviting her to come downstairs, telling her the moment she walks through the door is the start of the play.

She walks through and damn she looks beautiful. Obviously I have to remain professional so I look at my clipboard and my notes and direct her to the inspection area. 

She sits on the mat like a human, rather than all fours. My concern is that due to a previously broken wrist she can’t hold an all fours position for too long, so I’m happy with her doing this. A general inspection is carried out, looking at her body, using reindeer parts to describe what I’m looking at (hooves, flank etc). I do get her on all fours for a short while, enough to get a look at her form and rub my hands over her. 

During the inspection it was noted that there was a lot of wetness coming from one of her holes that required further analysis. It should be said that Vixen has a tail plug (that gem made herself) firmly lodged inside her whilst I’m playing with her. A gloved hand is used to insert a finger, then 2. She was squirming a lot, which is good, however because she doesn’t talk it can be tricky to work out her reaction from body language alone. Satisfied that she was ready we moved on. 

As part of the ‘analysis’ a fluid sample was needed. In my pocket to keep it fairly warm was a glass dildo, the tool for fluid extraction. Turns out the bulbous end of the dildo mixed with the butt plug is quite intense. However it also fills her so much that squirting is an issue, something I probably should have thought about more. She is doing the motions, but nothing is coming. I am also more than likely having trouble reading the body language right to get the result I’m after. I do however have very wet dildo which I consider enough for my sample. 

Next Vixen is told of her future potential as a breeding female. In order to ascertain that she is suitable she is to be put through a ‘breeding simulation’. She is lead to the sofa, so that she can be in an all fours position by resting her chest and front hooves on the cushion (remember wrist) with her rump on show. 

In my other pocket is a blindfold. As part of the high tech nature of the breeding simulator she was to be blindfolded to not reveal the secrets of the technology. But her reindeer mask somewhat prevented that from happening so instead she was told to close her eyes and face down. The simulation could then begin. 

Of course the simulation was really me pulling my trousers down and having sex with her from behind. Turns out sexy reindeers really get me going and I felt really hard as I pushed inside her and could feel the butt plug filling her too. I don’t really need to describe what happened next, we had sex. Hard, vigorous sex. She was told this is what she should expect if a stag was to mount and take her. That she was to be a good reindeer and take all of its cock. This was going well until my deep thrusting pushed her tail out. Bit of a giggle and we returned to it without the tail. 

Simulation completed and there was one final part of the play. Vixen traditionally (tradition of once) is a reindeer that visits you at night and sucks your cock. This is so that she has enough vitamins to carry out her duties and it is obviously very important. Having consulted with the clipboard it is noted that she missed her annual shot last year and was due another one. Placing myself in front of her she greedily set to work and it wasn’t long before she had swallowed her precious vitamins. 

Semen does contain vitamin C and B12 as well as ascorbic acid, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium and protein, so it does have some very loose scientific basis. 


It was now the end of the play, a cuddle was had to relax before I set about clearing up. Littlegem was told to write her feelings down so that when we got round to talking about it the following day she hadn’t forgotten what was needed to be said. The immediate aftercare focused on us being intimate. 

So the following day we sat down for dinner just the two of us and discussed the play. Luckily for me there were no real surprises in regards to how we thought it went. Generally speaking it was really good, dialogue was maintained which is what I was going for however the play itself could have been longer. Being able to freely let play happen with that continued Dominant speech is something I will need to work on. 


9 Replies to “The Return of Vixen

  1. This sounds very exciting and so much fun. (oh please… sleepy haze… I think not) Happy Christmas Eve, PS. I’m looking forward to seeing Vixen 2020!

  2. It was a wonderful performance. And you don’t have to go to the theater. This is what careful preparation means.
    Now we can all be calm about the reindeer population 🙂

  3. What fun you two have with your games and I love how you always tell it just as it is. Very hot in places for sure!
    TY for linking to 4thoughts
    May x

    1. Yeah I’m not 100% if everyone wants to hear the ‘real’ details but I think it’s important that it isn’t smooth running all the time. Thanks May 😊

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