Recently littlegem and I took some photos together for the first time in a while. I wanted it to feel relaxed, some music playing in the background, some wine between us. I had told her about wanting to feel sexy and that I’d wanted to try on some of her clothes to see how it made me feel.

I’m very thankful that she made me feel comfortable during this time, she asked if she could put make up on me, which I accepted. We took turns taking photos of each other and took photos of us together

How did it make me feel? Yes it made me feel more attractive and that’s what I wanted. I think about it a lot when I consider how wearing feminine clothing interacts with being the Dominant in the relationship and I don’t feel it has to be the conflict I could consider it to be. We do what we do because it feels good. It doesn’t make me feel less, in fact it makes me feel good about myself in a way I haven’t before. I want to feel sexy and I shouldn’t feel ashamed by that. Truthfully I’m still fully processing how I feel about it all. 

More research required.


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  1. i am sure Little gem is right when she said you look very sexy. it’s a shame how clothes are defined by society. We should be able to wear what we want. hope you decide to show a pic or two.
    Enjoy feeling sexy

  2. Seeing the image on Monochromerotic I thought ‘that’s a man’s bottom’ and it made my tummy flip, in a good way. Thank you guys.

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