Toasty Chest-nuts

Nothing like a heavily crowbarred pun to give an excuse to do wax play. 

Having completed our ‘First play of Christmas’ it was time to move onto the next. A couple of days before play littlegem was sent this message:

‘The second play of Christmas will be a relaxing wax play, focusing on dripping melted wax over your breasts. In order to avoid risk your nipples and nipple bars will be covered before play. No clothing is required and the room will be heated to provide comfort.’

I have been trying to give littlegem enough information that she is comfortable about what is going to happen. All to often she can question what is to happen, either trying to fill the gaps that I’ve left as a surprise or questioning an element I may have forgotten. 

This is the first time we’ve done wax play on her breasts since she got her nipples pierced last year, so I was keen to express caution. Knowing we have a couple of nipple covers in the back of our cupboard somewhere. A discussion afterwards highlighted that the sticky nature of the covers may do more harm than good so that part of the plan was rejected. 

The room was heated however, to allow us both to be somewhat undressed during play. Time had been allowed after dinner for us to feel comfortable and littlegem made sure she had been to the toilet and had a drink since she would be sitting down throughout. A selection of cushions and a blanket make sure she was as comfortable as possible during play. 

Candles Out

In keeping with the Christmas theme I purchased some green candles to go with some red candles I’d used in a previous session. Yes these were real dinner table candles so I knew the melting point was going to be high compared to the soy wax we have also used. But we’ve played with them before and I was happy to you it on littlegem’s skin, taking steps to avoid risks. 

So with some soft music playing and lit by the lights of the Christmas tree we began. She was told to sit down and lay back with her eyes closed. Coconut oil as massaged onto her as part of the preparations and also to act as an aid to removal later. 

As the first few drops started to fall I kept away from the nipple area as that was always going to be more sensitive. In my concentration to make sure the drops landed in the right place and that the candle was high enough to reduce heat I failed to keep conversation to ease her. I’m disappointed that I’m not able to use my words so naturally and this leads to her resisting from fully relaxing. Her eyes keep opening and she is mindful of the candle near her head. 

Regardless there is some conversation, all the while the drops of green and red covering her breasts and dripping ever so slightly. I stay away from the nipple area, choosing not to risk it. She describes the sensations as tickly and wriggles about. 

We decide to change it up, once I am satisfied that her breasts have received enough wax we move on to her vagina, which is smooth from a recent waxing. Coconut oil is again applied and wax is dropped around her, over her mound and lips. It’s not too long until she is covered in wax, enjoying the way it runs down her. 

It’s time to finish, littlegem is covered in green and red wax. A knife is used to tease the wax off, most of it coming off in large chunks, much easier with the oil pre rubbed in. The wax off her pubic area comes off in one, giving an interesting mould. Littlegem referred to this as her ‘vagina stingray’ due to the shape of the wax. 

Once cleaned up, we had a bath together. It was a time to reflect on what we had done. As expected the big talking point was the lack of talking, something I really need to work on. But overall we agreed that it was fun. As much as I don’t really want to hear it I know that I can only do better if know what needs improvement. 

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17 Replies to “Toasty Chest-nuts

  1. Communication is imperative.
    We have found out the hard way that talk during play is critical. Keeping up a banter let’s me know if more or less is needed or gage how we both are doing.
    I could always talk more.
    Asking is as important as telling.
    Relationships of every flavor require communication.

    1. Yes I can’t think of having the relationship we have without communicating, sometimes it’s best to be honest about what needs to be improved.

  2. It’s always good to know where you can improve, and sometimes we need to work hard on things that don’t come naturally. What’s quite interesting is that I would be highly irritated if Master T constantly talks to me. I need the silence to be able to concentrate on what is happening and ‘surrender’ to it. It just goes to show, we are not all the same 🙂
    ~ Marie

  3. I love how honest you were about the experience. I have played with candle wax years ago (not sexually) and I remember it does cool substantially between candle and skin. But I totally think you are awesome for making sure to protect Little Gem’s lovely nipples. My nipples are uber-sensitive and I really do not tolerate pain near my nipples.
    If Ben was using wax on my body, I would not mind him concentrating more on safety and making sure he did not singe anything or injure me, than on chatting to me.
    It sounded as if Little Gem did enjoy the experience….and I love that you two bathed together afterwards. That is the perfect end to a delicious evening! <3

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