Diary of a Dominant, Day 6, In The End

This is the part 6 of a week long diary, covering real life events and thoughts over 7 days. To start from the beginning click here.


Saturday is a day where we can have a bit more time to talk. Our ‘lie in’ is interrupted by the children who seem oblivious to the fact that is a weekend and that despite the lack of sunlight need to get up early. However once they are dealt` with we can settle back into bed together and discuss our thoughts. There is also time for a bit of adult time and littlegem asks if she can suck me for a little bit. Allowing it she then proceeds to suck my cock. Again she rests her head on my stomach and takes me into her mouth. The feeling of it takes over and I gently hold onto her head and rock her back and forth, taking control of the motion. I like the control of doing it but I am wary of being too rough. Of course sometimes that is what is best for the situation, but that’s not how I read it this time. All of this feels very enjoyable and I instruct her to stop and lay on her side. 

The side position is the best way to do a tit-wank (a phrase I hate so much, but don’t know how else to describe). When lubed up and slid in-between her breasts the feeling is incredible, using them as a sexual object. I climax and cum goes all over her, what a mess she is. 

She is cleaned up and as I lay beside her I reach between her legs, initially she is hesitant because she feels like she shouldn’t be touched, but I insist. It doesn’t take much persuasion though, the amount of times she has been denied and the lack of orgasm for over a week now means that she easily turned. Her clit feels more swollen than usual and I make sure to let her know to give her something to squirm about. 

“You know what would feel really good?” she says curiously, “your cock in my arse.”

Knowing that I’ve cum she presumes that this isn’t possible but looking down to see my erection I show that she is wrong. The truth is that the noises she makes as I touch her are a real turn on for me. That feeling that her pleasure is in my hands and she is at my mercy clearly gets me going enough to be ready for sex. 

Anal sex means plenty of lube and the mental preparation of being so turned on relaxes her enough that my cock slides into her without issue. That gasp and the look on her face as she takes it is another part of the control I enjoy. It’s not long until she’s being told she has taken me all in, what a greedy girl she is. As well as being so naughty to take a cock in her arse, her clit is simultaneously being rubbed. 

“Daddy, you’re going to make me cum.” 

Probably one of the hottest things a sub can say, at least as far as I’m concerned. The rule in regards to her having an orgasm is that if she can whilst I’m playing with her, she can cum. Its up to me to edge and play with her as I please, bringing her up and down at my choosing. This time I want to tell her when to cum, so I start a countdown.

10, 9, 8, this helps build up the feelings. She knows that she is about to have her orgasm, the one that she’s been waiting for, she just needs to hold on a little longer, 7, 6, 5. I don’t want to ruin by going too fast too soon, but maintain an even rhythm that slowly increases with intensity so that the feelings get stronger and stronger 4, 3.. 2.., slight pause for dramatic effect.. 1.

“Zero, I want you to cum for me right now.” 

There is a slight delay and I’m not sure if its one of the ‘silent’ orgasms or if she isn’t 100% in time with my demands. Her subsequent orgasm tells me it was probably the latter, not everything is like a smut novel and wonderfully synchronised. After her fashionably late orgasm its time to get up, have breakfast, do the shopping and have family time. 

Saturday evening is our scheduled chat time, just the two of us discussing our dynamic over dinner. For some reason despite having quite a nice dining table we always do this on the floor with a blanket like it’s a picnic. Having a routine time to do this means that we don’t forget to do it. It’s an important time to discuss how each of us is feeling and gets out any issues we may have in a safe space for constructive feedback. It is at this time that we evaluate how the week has gone, making positive changes that hopefully will keep us going in the right direction. It is also a time to see ourselves any goals we want to complete by the time we come round to talking next week. It doesn’t need to be much, in the end it is just about knowing that we are listening to each other and showing that we are both making the effort for each other.

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