Diary of a Dominant, Day 5, Sweet Treats

This is part 5 of a week long diary, covering real life events and thoughts over 7 days. To start from the beginning click here.


Littlegem has woken up in pain. Her tummy hurts and the first action of the day is to give her paracetamol. She skips breakfast in order to have a longer morning bath to herself. This means in the rush of it all I don’t get much time with her before we part ways. 

Because of how she is feeling by the time it rolls around to the evening we do very little. The duvet is brought down and we cuddle on the sofa together. We even go to bed a little earlier than usual, how’s that for a rawkus Friday night. It’s most important to me that she is comfortable and having intimacy from me. It helps keep a connection, which is beneficial to both of us. It feels all to easy for it to be lost in these moments.

Sweet Treats

I do try and keep a constant supply of sweet treats in the house for these occasions. Food is a comforter and as much as it can be the cause of bad habits it is also a way showing that I am looking after her. Despite a range of nice treats available in the freezer or the cupboard, it seems all to often though that what she needs is exactly what we don’t have. In the past I used to hide chocolate around the house in case of emergency, the lack of chocolate this night reminds me I probably should do that again. 

In bed I ask if she needs anything else to make her comfortable, some more pain medication and some water is sought and we cuddle up for the evening. Sometimes if she is in a little mood she will ask for Calpol, rather than paracetamol tablets. Syringing into her mouth for her maintains control in a situation like this. I am the doctor looking after her and she is the little child who has to take the special medication to make it all better. It’s laughable that the cost of liquid Calpol is many times higher than tablets, but I feel its worth it, even if for the placebo effect of feeling looked after. 

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