Diary of a Dominant – Day 1, Being Open with Each Other

As part of the D/s diaries project for the Tell Me About site I have written about how I see my D/s relationship over the course of 7 days. Each day this week will cover real life events and thoughts of my experiences as a Dominant to a wife that is my submissive, as well as being part of a family. 


The alarm goes off and with only a glimpse of daylight dimly lightly the room and the howl of the autumnal wind I’d much rather stay sheltered in our cosy bed. Littlegem has rested her head on my shoulder and the embrace is comforting, but not comfortable. Her hair tickles my face but I don’t mind. 

It is at this point typically that I will reach down to her ankle, hold the cuff that symbolically tethers her to the bed and say “who’s are you?”, the reply “I am yours” is the typical response and the cuff is unbuckled to release her from the bed. However this time I forgot to attach it in the first place. We had sex the night previous and it just slipped my mind. I’m annoyed at having forgotten a ritual in our dynamic that has been around for a while now. Its important to keep up these things, having a way to remember my duties is key to making my dominance work. 

Messaging at Work

Later that morning I get a message whilst at work. This is not unusual, in fact there would be something wrong if we didn’t message each other during the day. She has told me that she is upset and feeling low. She has been reminded that she is to be open with me in regards to how she is feeling. I consider it vital that we don’t hide how we feel as it can lead to miscommunication, thinking she is feeling one way when she may not. I try to be reassuring but I know that ultimately I’m not able to provide a solution, merely comfort her. At least being an ear for her problems is of mild benefit. 

As the day passes I am able to track her progress. She completes her tasks for the day and in doing so she will fill out her schedule which we can both access on our shared drive. That way I can monitor her progress and have an understanding of her accomplishments. I see that she has completed a milestone task, creating 150 posts on her OnlyFans site, which warrants a prize later. Since she is feeling low and behind on her tasks she informs me that she is unable to make dinner. She also tells me that Ruby, her little side, wants to play. This is where as a Dom to her I need to make a decision how to react. 

Knowing how she has been feeling low an executive decision is made to get a take out, just the two of us later on. I could have been more firm with her and convinced her that a dinner could have been made in time, however a softer approach was taken. I had rebuffed her idea a couple of days previous and this time felt more appropriate. 

Similarly, I tell her that we are to do fun things that evening rather than the intended impact play that would be typical on a Monday. By telling her that it’s being rescheduled I’m letting her know that I haven’t forgotten about it and that it is still on my mind. 

Later that evening she is sitting on the floor ready for me, her toys are with her arranged on the sofa. She is presented with her prize, a new nipple bar, and is allowed to sit on the sofa to play. Which reminds me I’m running low on prizes, I must get more before I run out. The rest of the evening is filled with tasty food, cuddling and littlegem colouring inside one of her books. I feel happier that she has become more content, it allows me to feel more relaxed too, having her emotionally satisfied is what makes me happy. 

Day 2


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