Die My Bride

Die My Bride

CW: Disturbing themes


Well I’d rather cut you than the wedding cake
And your blood cuts on my rented tux
And I do, I do, I do want to kill you
‘Til dead do us part, I’ll tear us apart
Now I kiss your cold dead lips
And I dip my chips in the blood that drips
And I smear the cake in your face
Let our God take you to a better place
Well I loved you to death
Well I loved you to death
Die, die, die,
Die my bride
Die My Bride by Murderdolls
Ok, so you may recognise some elements of this photo, it might be because we took these last year and used the floating gem alone. At that point in time we weren’t showing her face so this picture was shelved and left on my computer. However by mixing the two images together I like the spiritual feeling that comes from it.
Littlegem is fine by the way, no subs were harmed in the making of this picture.   
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16 Replies to “Die My Bride

  1. This picture is really cool. I love the effects. And I wasn’t around in the sex blogging community last year so the image is completely new to me.

  2. I keep on scrolling back up to the photo. Where I loved the one of Gem alone previously, this must be my new favorite. I have no words, it’s just so damn good!
    ~ Marie xox

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