Struck a Chord

Struck a Chord

A couple of weeks ago PurpleSole and I went to visit some kinky minded friends, we had a fantastic time and a well needed relax. I am always struck at how a connection started over the internet with like minded people can turn into a friendship so effortlessly. As a person who does struggle to speak to people let alone form a friendship, I find the Internets bringing together powers amazing.

Whilst staying with them, PS wanted to capture some photos and had asked me to bring some of my newly bought corsets with me for such an event. Our hosts have an absolutely stunning house and we had a lot of fun finding places to use as a backdrop. The magnificent guitar and hat in the photo belong to our friends and they made great props that really struck a chord with me and set the tone of our stay.

Struck a Chord

Good music, friendship and delicious cheese certainly are what I am reminded of when looking at the images!


Monochromerotic #15 – click to see some sexy photos.

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