Photo Challenge: Game On

Naturally I am very playful and will make almost anything into a game. Maybe it’s a show of my Ruby side, for example I enjoy gaining points or little prizes from completing my challenges on my schedule. It’s not necessarily about winning or the prize though, having these little games helps my submission. 

Photo Challenge

For a while now PurpleSole has been setting me a photo challenge each week. It became part of my schedule that he made for me to keep me from straying into bad habits of improper balance of my everyday life. This also allowed my mind to free up from the overload of stuff I would try and cram into it, therefore greater submission would follow. Well that was the theory.

Once a previous photo challenge has been completed PS will message me the new one. There isn’t really a time limit for each but I like to try and complete one a week for him. 

“Photo Challenge: Take a sexy picture using the chain in our cupboard.”

This particular one I was stuck with any ideas for photos. The chain being referred to is one PS used to attach to an ankle cuff that he tied me to the bed leg with each night. After a few sightings and uncomfortable questions asked by our tiny human residents the chain was removed and just the ankle cuff remains now. 

The chain is quite short though so my grand ideas of draping it around myself in a sexy manner wasn’t working. Also with my photo challenges due to time restraints to actually shoot means I use my mobile as apposed to SLR camera and tripod. This is really limiting to position and only having a few minutes privacy in our bedroom means location isn’t ideal either. 

Photo Finish 

Photo challenge arms stretched out wrapped in chains

The end result I am quite pleased with actually and with the help of some extra pieces of chain I found lying around, as you do, I was able to wrap it around my wrists a little. 

With the chain taut and between my teeth the voice activated capture just managed to work, shit I could have used the self timer function. I also in process of shooting did get some inspiration for other images and ended up in more positions than I thought I would. 

The Aim of the Game 

I enjoy the creativity that it brings out in me, the chance to be silly and have time to myself to mess around with the camera by myself. It’s also done for PS, I am taking the photos and completing his challenges to please him. 

Once slightly fiddled with editing wise I send them across to him for his approval and eagerly await my ‘good girl’ that I usually earn. 


photo challenge, sitting wrapped in chains


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  1. The chain looks somewhat frivolous. It doesn’t look like it’s good for shackling. Nevertheless, the pictures turned out to be pretty, somewhere even cute.

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