The LG in DD/lg

The LG in DDlg

If there is one thing that littlegem excels at, it is sleeping. Give her a good 10 hour night’s sleep and she’ll still happily have a lie in if the situation allows. Night owls we are not and a week doesn’t go by with me having to wake her up from the sofa in the evening so we can go upstairs to bed. 

More often than not this is because we lay down on the sofa together, I wrap my arms around her and she feels warm and secure. With her eyes closed it is not long before she is gone. As time goes by in our D/s dynamic and with certain pressures to everyday life a DD/lg style relationship is becoming stronger. She’ll be naked or in her little bodysuit and feels secure wrapped in my arms. For me it is sweet, although it can feel lonely when you have the time awake to yourself, especially when you can’t move as half her body is on top of me. 

It’s not like we’re new to it, littlegem has Ruby, her little side that comes out every so often. It’s the everyday interactions that seem to blur the lines between ‘normal’ and little. Falling asleep and having to told to go bed is the norm, wearing clothes for littles is the norm. We have always been affectionate to each other and cuddling so much is a prime example of that. 

Everyday Little

Since we have two young children it makes sense to be playful and fun around them. They are probably getting to the age where we need to be more careful, especially regarding what we say around them. Do they question the cuddly toys on the bed? No, the problem is trying to stop them stealing them as they are her toys, not theirs. Do they think its weird that Mummy has a bodysuit with ‘I heart Daddy’ on? No, they can’t read yet and even if they could they wouldn’t know the kinky reference of it. They do not question when I cradle gem in my arms on the sofa, in fact they more often than not try to get in on the action. 

Being a Daddy and a little isn’t something to be hidden, not for now anyway. What this part of our dynamic shows is that we are a loving couple and are not afraid to have silly fun. So for now we maintain the fun little everyday parts of our life and we hold onto them as long as we can. 

Indulging the Little

If you have a partner that likes to be silly or have fun I would recommend indulging them. Letting them do the things they want to do regardless of whether they should. If they want to be held and have their hair stroked it brings intimacy. If they want to be told a story before bedtime then do so because it might bring needed comfort. Do silly things, have little treats to reward them or bring them up when they are down. Make them feel safe and secure so they may explore the feelings they have. 

There are some things that have more acceptance in society than others, having pet names and adult colouring books for example. It doesn’t have to be labelled DDlg, it can be whatever you want it to be. 

We have an occasional tradition called ‘the cheese and sausage festival’. It consists of buying a selection of cheeses and sausages from different origins and than making a platter, compete with little flags. The food is then tasted and judged. It is silly and fun but it is an activity we do together and that’s what makes it special. 

So when it’s evening time and littlegem snuggles into my chest and closes her eyes it makes me feel happy. It isn’t a sexual moment of our dynamic, it doesn’t need to be. It is intimate and I know that she feels comfortable to be the sleepy princess that she is.



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24 Replies to “The LG in DD/lg

  1. I’ve found that littles are sometimes given a bad rap in the kink community, but this is such a great example of how it works and what it can look like! I’ve met so many that I think could happily fall into this category if they understood it better.
    And of course, onesies (I don’t know if you call them that in the UK) are super cute!

    1. Thanks MrsK 🙂. Yes we have onesies, gem has one that makes her look like a snow leopard and it’s very furry. She can be super cute and playful at times and I do think it should be embraced more by people.

  2. I love how you do your DD/lg. It’s cute, and sexy, all at the same time. Obviously you will have to be more careful as the little ones grow up, but I’m sure you will still find a way 🙂
    ~ Marie

  3. This was really adorable to read. It must be or become a tricky journey with two children that are growing up. All throughout reading this I thought: it doesn’t really matter what kind of affection. The good thing is you’re showing all this affection towards each other. If my parents had done that I’d been rather happy!

    1. Thanks ML, yes I hope our kids grow up knowing being affectionate is a normal part of intimacy, that isn’t something I learnt as a child.

  4. I wondered what was coming with the cheese and sausage festival lol. It sounds like fun. I think that this sort of intimacy is so important. To feel that relaxed and comfortable is a significant thing. Missy x

  5. How can I say something new? Everyone has already observed how cute this is and intimate, which is definitely to be encouraged. You’ll find a way to keep embracing it as the children grow and their awareness increases, but seeing you interact with love and respect makes a great template for children to follow in their own relationships. Thanks for sharing and describing your dynamic so well.

    1. Well have always wanted to show love and respect openly. I guess I’m not sure how much more they’ll know about in the future. 🙂

  6. I’ve never classified myself as a little, but I’ve noticed that a part of me is a little, I guess. I like the cuddles on the couch as innocent as it is. I have a really soft blanket that I snuggle with and I have a ton of stuffed animals. But I think it looks normal for me. No one would think it’s weird, but then again it might just be expected of me as an Asian girl to have a bunch of cutesy little things.

    Thank you for sharing your experience. The bodysuit is really cute.

  7. Knowing the two of you the way I do this all seems very familiar in the way you interact with one another. You have a great connection with is very intimate and certainly something your children will benefit from in years to come. Showing emotional security and insecurity is so important for a family dynamic. It also help helps when your little is hot!

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