Oral Examined

Oral Examined

Giving Oral 

Before D/s I always feared blowjobs. I generally enjoyed doing them but on my mind would be a swirly mess of worries; Whether I would choke on his come? Would it go down my throat weirdly and be in my nose? Am I even doing it right? And the list continued. If anything it was really distracting and made me feel self conscious. To the point I would try and avoid giving head. You don’t know PS as well as I do, but this was not great for him, he really really likes oral. 

I don’t know why I didn’t talk through my concerns, other than I felt stupid for thinking them. But once we started D/s we talked a lot more about everything, including asking PS more about what he liked to happen oral wise. After this my confidence grew, knowing it wasn’t so much what I was doing but him knowing I enjoyed doing it made a huge difference. 

For the other concerns I decided, in secret, to try and train myself to be more comfortable oral wise. I used softer dildos and practised sucking them off. Mostly I found the worries were in my own mind and if I panicked my throat would close and therefore much less successful with oral. Knowing this I found it easier to relax and go with it. I say the fears were ‘mostly’ in my mind, some were more real and from experience which are harder to move forward from. Having a partner I trust and won’t judge if I gag a bit too much and be sick, for example, really helps.

Now I love to suck Daddy’s big hard cock and will often tell him this for the reaction. I get pleasure not just from pleasing him but the submission I feel whilst giving him oral. Everything about it helps to draw my submissive nature, from the warm scent of his intimate body to the excitement of his release. I like to be told how needy for him I have become and during a long play scenes I know this need is at its highest, my reserve has melted away and I seek his cock for connection.

Receiving oral 

I hate the initial part of receiving oral, I just feel awkward and turned off. My body becomes still when I see what he intends to do and I will question him even though I know exactly what he plans. When he starts I suddenly become aware of my hands, like too aware, no logical place to put them. 

This sounds like I dislike receiving oral doesn’t it? 

But once I feel his fingers pulling at my intimate skin, the flick of his tongue against my lips something changes. A switch is flicked in my mind and I sink into just feeling his mouth and tongue work their way on me. My hands find their way to my breasts, plucking at my nipples or to the back of his head. 

It has always been like this for me, I have always needed him to make me receive oral and I know I can be off putting. It’s not deliberately done, not bratty behaviour or me being awkward for the sake of it. Something in my mind just pushes and doesn’t want it, almost repulsed by the idea of his tongue down there. 

But I do want it and really enjoy the sensation of him sucking and teasing my clit, flicking and nibbling my labia. All of it leads to an incredible drawn out orgasm that makes me want to push my body against his face and rip away from his touch all at once. It’s conflicting and confusing and the only way is to give in and be his. 

Giving Cunnilingus

I wanted to write a little bit about performing oral sex on a woman but I must admit my experience is limited and a long time ago now. Distant but certainly not forgotten. I know that although I was fairly inexperienced sexually at the time it was still something I really enjoyed doing. The smell and taste of another woman was quite a delightful mix along with the slight of her laid out before me. I didn’t have any real feedback other than reactions from her at the time and it wasn’t in the best circumstances either. Drunk teen fumble pretty much sums it up. It just so happened to be with someone who I cared very deeply for (unbeknown to her) so perhaps that skews things slightly.

Either way I do know I would like to get a chance one day to explore further in this way, but who knows if circumstances will ever allow.  

Mutual Oral 

For me being in the 69 position, side by side, is my favourite way to receive oral. The initial wanting to squirm away and not be a part of it gets diluted when I have a beautiful cock in my sights. I love to start before PS is hard, take all of him right up to his pubic bone and feel him grow deep in my mouth as I slowly suck and warm him. It always delights me when he is withdrawn to be fully erect as if by magic. 

I have him to focus on the whole time and although I am aware of the pleasure he is providing for me, it’s only in the back of my mind. I love to almost edge myself using his cock as a focus. When the sensations from his mouth get really strong and I feel close I take him fully. Using my hands to pull his bum towards me, I am engulfed by him, unable to breathe. This pauses my own pleasure, I am caught in what feels like stopped time. His cock thrusting deep in my throat, my moans stifled through lack of ability to make a sound. We carry on in this circle for what feels like forever. As he is withdrawn from my mouth, the pleasure he is bombarding upon my clit amplifies, breathe then take him again.

Show and Tell

I have mentioned before that I have an exhibitionist side to me, I like being watched sexually. 

Just recently I was fortunate enough to have a pretty amazing experience in this area. Whilst away with some friends I got to display my puppy persona which is something that has been a bit of a fantasy for me for a while. 

For me and PS puppy play usually ends up getting sexual and although it didn’t intend to go that way at this time, it did. We went from puppy being fed scraps from the breakfast table to her licking and sucking off Master to completion. All in front of others eyes. I did intend to write of the experience in full but haven’t been able to put the words down as of yet, maybe a future post. 

It gets a bit hazy memory wise from being puppy to me again but I know at the time being watched, although not directly, added to the experience sexually. 

Another way that my oral exploits are viewed by others is with my Only Fans. I really enjoy how it pushes me to have the videos available for my fans to see and I get that hot squirmy feeling when I receive comments and feedback from what they have viewed. 

When I know that the camera or eyes are upon me I feel I go a bit deeper into my submissive mind. I like to please people and want to show what a good girl I am at sucking cock. That part of me is revealed and exposed that loves to have her face fucked, to hear the gagging noises when she’s taken so much and have come released onto her face like a display of how dirty she is. 

Oral Examined littlegem orally pleasuring PS

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15 Replies to “Oral Examined

  1. Having witnessed your enthusiasm for sucking cock, and interest in watching others I would have to agree with your post in that you do have healthy approach for all things oral. I hope one day you get to revisit those early experiences!

    1. Haha thanks HL, it always makes me feel slightly embarrassed when you say that! I hope so but being pretty self conscious certainly doesn’t mean I will be actively seeking it.

  2. Great post, Gem! Giving head really puts me in a submissive state of mind as well. Like you, prior to D/s, I was pretty intimidated by giving blow jobs. But, once Daddy and I spent a fair amount of time talking about it, and I spent time researching it, we just kept at it until I became more comfortable. I’ve noticed that as I get older that I get more comfortable too…with my body and with his. Funny how self-conscious you can be when you are young….

  3. This is a great post gem. I think lots of people share the fears that you did and the change when it becomes part of submission seems to be a common theme. Suddenly it is something that we really want to do and almost need and you captured that well. I can relate to the awkwardness you feel receiving oral and 8t is interesting that PS making you do it can push you past that. Thank you 😊

    1. Thanks Missy, it’s certainly a difficult thing for PS to try and achieve as I can be quite squirmy and vocal about my distaste at the time. I’m really lucky he is willing and wanting to put up with me lol.

  4. I love that you have written about oral sex from your side, and just like in PS’s post, I adore the images used here. You two have a wonderful dynamic 🙂
    ~ Marie

  5. I enjoyed reading this, and while the top photo is wonderful and I love looking into your eyes, the bottom photo is extraordinary. Well done, both of the Gems. I would have loved to have witnessed the ‘puppy’.

  6. Agreed with Lisa. The post is good but to be honest the pics are the ones who got me all warmed up. I don’t know where you find those pics but keep up the good work!

  7. Great post, but the pictures are the ones which kept me focused. 🙂 Keep up the good work. I do love when a guy treats me good with his tongue in bed. 🙂

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