Oral Sex: The Princess and the Penis

Littlegem Gives Oral

There is power from receiving a blowjob from the pure act. Watching littlegem go to work on my cock is a delight to see. She’ll make a show of it, look up at me with her beautiful brown eyes and I become lost in that moment. She is not only satisfying me in the physical sense, she is forming an emotional connection. She is showing me how much she wants me in a submissive act that is all about giving me pleasure. So she is very much pleasuring my mind just as much as my cock. 

Blowjobs were a part of our relationship before we had a D/s dynamic and there has been a shift in attitude. What was once before a feeling of ‘should do’ has turned into ‘want to’. Having that desire from her to want to suck my cock is what gives me such Dominant feelings. It’s one of the reasons why using oral sex as a precursor to penetrative sex is so effective, because it makes me so hard. I feel empowered, ready to get on top and take control. 

Oral sex is a joy to receive and littlegem knows exactly what to do to bring me to climax. Not long after starting D/s I noticed that she was using different techniques, followed by her taking me in deeper than she ever had before. The feeling was incredible and she told me afterwards that she had took it upon herself to train her throat to take more of me. When the situation allows she takes my orgasm and I feel trust. I don’t worry that she doesn’t want my cum inside her, I know that she’ll gladly receive it and that gives me the comfort to enjoy my own pleasure. 

The situation may give me a desire to cum on her face. This is much more of an act bore from our Dominant and submissive roles. Her underneath, me on top and she becomes the palate of my pleasure. Decorating her with cum is strangely intimate, rather than how it may look in porn. I am marking territory so to speak, I am claiming what is mine and it feels primal in its rawness. 

Giving Oral to the Princess

I really enjoy giving littlegem oral, partly because I like hearing the noises she makes, but also because of the way it makes her squirm. The typical situation is that we’ll be in bed and I’ll decide to do it as part of foreplay. I don’t want her to debate or ask whether it is happening or not, Its happening and I want it to be on my terms. That given I still have to listen to her words and her body. 

I’ll sneak under the covers, being the princess she is she needs to be warm and under the covers to be comfortable enough to receive. I want to feel her squirm from the awkwardness of it, but reveal in the pleasure that I’m giving her. She’ll challenge me and try to get out of it but I have to be firm with her. I’m going to use my mouth on her and she is going to enjoy it, eventually she’ll accept her fate.

I love it when I can feel her relax, she let’s go and let’s me give her pleasure. My senses focus on what she is doing, hearing her reactions to what I’m doing. I want her to forget her hang ups and be immersed by my actions. 

The Intimacy of Oral

Being in a 69 position adds an extra element of intimacy to the act of oral sex. Each partner is focused on each others needs as well as the fact that our bodies are firmly entwined. For me the feelings of pleasure that I am receiving become dulled, becoming a background to the pleasure I’m trying to give. This may seem negative, and in some ways it is, but it’s just a different kind of experience. When littlegem is giving me a blowjob I am fully aware of what she is doing and embracing that. During mutual oral I am less inclined to know what exactly is going on. I know it feels good, but because I can’t see and because I’m a little distracted with what I’m doing, the sensations blend and it becomes easy to lose yourself in it all. 

Our 69 position of choice is side to side, what it lacks in true Dominance or submissive that someone on top would achieve it gains in comfort over a prolonged period. Time can be taken, no-one’s arms are getting tired. The only thing that I have to worry about is the lack of oxygen having my face pressed in between her legs, gripping her hips and pulling her in. In the excitement of it all I can forget to breathe.  

But then as I hear the muffled moans come from her I can feel what she’s doing to me. Taking me even deeper than she could in a ‘standard’ blowjob position. My cock is at the right angle to slip into her throat and she uses that to her advantage. I can feel her really going at and that is a huge turn on. My hand on the back of her head affirms her vigorous motion. In my distraction I have lasted much longer, I would have been brought to orgasm long before this if I wasn’t eagerly trying to get her to the brink of orgasm too. It then becomes a game, who can get each other closer, who can give the other the most sexual bliss from this moment. The moans, the groans, a finger in her bottom leads to a loud sigh that I can feel vibrate along my cock. 

Then the time comes, the pleasure becomes too great. I try to read how close she is from the sounds she is making and the energy she is putting into deep-throating me. I can feel her legs begin to shake and know that I am on the edge too. Pressing her against my mouth as firmly as I can I keep going, past where I would usually pause, and maintain the level of swirling and sucking that has got her to this point. Her body bucks like a rodeo bull and I have to pin her down with a tight grip. With that she releases a deep groan of pleasure and I become overwhelmed by the sensations, tipping me over too, with pulses of pleasure that she greedily takes.


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15 Replies to “Oral Sex: The Princess and the Penis

  1. Great post PS. There is so much in here about the different ways that oral works for you and I was struck but the number of similarities to our own dynamic 🙂

  2. What a great description of your joint oral pleasure. I have to admit I was somewhat sucked into the experience. Having seen Gem give you oral pleasure first hand, I can vouch for her enthusiasm as she is consumed in the moment and does get carried away by the experience, as do you!

  3. well explained from and i always thought the act of giving oral was to in a sense worship the organ the body of the party i am with.
    Love how you told of your 69 position

  4. A wonderfully engrossing read. Feeling rather envious of HL for his first hand experience. Nevertheless, your writing has brought these episodes of fellatio and cunnilingus delightfully to life and reading of your pleasure has pleasured me in return.

  5. First off, that photo… oh my… so damn hot! It’s a perfect start to a great post. Incidentally, I really love the side by side 69 position. It’s so much more relaxed!
    ~ Marie xox

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