Beyond the Mirror

beyond the mirror

“You have to look beyond the mirror to see yourself.”

Quote by Kimto Oche Emmanuel

I quite like mirrors, not in the everyday sense. I don’t spend much time on my day to day appearance and I certainly don’t like how I look most of the time in the mirror. But there is one exception to this, a time when I do like it, even get off on it.

When a switch has been flicked and i’m in that submissive sexy mood that wants to please PurpleSole with everything I am. My body language changes, how I move and conduct myself all to seduce and satisfy him.

That person loves seeing herself in the mirror. Watching her expressive eyes narrow as he toys with her body, her tongue moisten her plump lip before she bites down and stifles a groan. That person wants her image captured and shared for all to see, to please and bring pleasure to all.

Beyond the mirror she will wait once more for the switch to flick.

beyond the mirror

I have written before about myself and mirrors, check out: 40 Minutes in the Mirror.

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13 Replies to “Beyond the Mirror

  1. This is a highly erotic photo! One that stories could be written about, a perfect prompt for sexy flash fiction. I’m beginning to write one now and I haven’t picked up a pen.

  2. lovely photo.. Your legs and body look wonderful,, love those heels and the wrap up your legs
    Very Erotic

  3. This is a brilliantly sexy photo of you and I feel privileged to have seen what you are writing about happen. I know what you mean and you do change in a visible way. It is very sexy to watch the interaction between the two of you πŸ™‚

  4. This is such a hot image! I love the confidence in your stance, the heels your wearing and the plateau you’re standing on. Incredible picture!

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