Two in the Frame

A while ago I wrote about a desire to take photos of not just littlegem, but other people too. This was something that had been in the back of my mind for some time. The thought of taking photos of somebody else was thrilling but also nerve-wracking. Recently I’ve been able to fulfil that ambition. A previous post I wrote last year about the subject was a little tongue in cheek and not really serious, especially the ‘advertisement for models’ that came with it. But the fantasy was very real. 

Littlegem and I packed our bags into the car and headed out on our adventure. Excitement just wouldn’t cover it as we were also nervous. This was uncharted territory for us, I had to think back to the last time I had seen a woman other than gem in state of undress in the flesh, the answer was a long time. In fact it had been a few months since we’d had a meaningful interaction with other adults at all, making the need to have an escape all the more desirable. 

There was plenty of time in the car think about how I was feeling. Taking photos wasn’t a guarantee, I guess it was assumed, but what if the feeling wasn’t right? Luckily that wasn’t an issue, after meeting up we felt comfortable almost straight away.

In the days before we left I tried to think of scenarios that may work whilst we were there, using pictures of the location to think of certain images I wanted to achieve, ways the images could be framed. It’s not until you see the place for yourself that you get a true picture. With that in mind, my inspiration board of pictures in my phone serve only as a guide, rather than trying to straight out copy an image. I find doing this, especially when copying professional images, can lead to disappointment so it has be done in your own way. Taking an idea and making it you own. Plus you work with the environment, there may be props or backgrounds you didn’t think of working with before and I found myself exploring the surroundings. The place was amazing and the biggest shame was that there wasn’t enough time to fit in all the ideas, but there’s always a next time.

Getting Down to Business

Having a photo shoot with just yourself and the model is fairly straight forward, especially if the model is your wife. There is one connection, one relationship that you need to think about and you work together to achieve that goal. Having two couples, therefore four people does complicate matters. There are twice as many peoples opinions to consider and everybody is interacting with three others as opposed to one. Everyone needs to as comfortable as possible given the circumstances. Given some time to think the ladies dressed in sexy lingerie whilst the partners had the cameras, setting up the shots ready to photograph them.

The important thing is that a lot of conversation happened beforehand. Knowing what everyone’s expectations were, making sure that all ideas were heard so that everyone could enjoy the experience. Because that was the main focus, to have fun. The process of taking photos can take a while and it’s easy to feel burnt out and want to take a break.

We took a variety of different photos, focusing on the two girls due to the unique opportunity. It was wonderful to see the connection they had from the joint experience of being photographed.

I had concerns prior to the first shoot we did, whether I might feel like a fraud. I feel like I have got to a level where my photography skills are good, not great, but of reasonable quality. Many of the photos I have taken of littlegem in the past I am proud of and I wanted to follow through with the photos taken with the girls together. I will always think afterwards of things I could have said, how I could have adjusted the position. Its my role to frame the image, to say if it is working. I have to consider what everyone will think when they look back at the photos. But in the moment it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and just start shooting.

We tried a variety of different shots and used the impressive beauty of the building we were in to set the scene. The girls were fabulous, looking effortlessly stunning and taking the challenge of being photographed in their stride.

On the drive home I had time for reflection. Littlegem and I discussed the enjoyment we had sharing our experience with others, and how the dynamic changes in a group setting. We had achieved much more than we had planned to, not knowing that we would even get that far. As we travelled littlegem fell asleep and it allowed me time to think by myself.

Would I ever imagine going away and seeing other kink minded people? No, not like this. We’ve met some people in similar dynamics and being open about our lives has been really refreshing. So its only natural to continue on from that. Going away is was next step from that and again it was an enjoyable experience. So much so that I forgot about the world around me, we were in a bubble and having fun took over any negative feelings. I miss that feeling, the drive there was exciting but the drive back was a crash into reality. It was a reminder that you should enjoy the moments that you can, and I can proudly say that I did. As far as I’m concerned I ticked off an activity I’ve always wanted to do, I’ve taken erotic photos of women together and I look forward to doing it again, if anybody fancies indulging me. 

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12 Replies to “Two in the Frame

  1. This is a great post PS and it was really interesting to read about what was in your mind and how you felt about taking the pictures. I am really pleased that you got to tick off something you had wanted to do and love that being in a bubble feeling too ❤️

  2. This is such a happy and exciting post to read, and am so happy to see you have ticked off something you have wanted to do for so long. And being in a bubble? That is something I would very much want to do at this moment! Just get away from everything. By the way, love that image!
    ~ Marie

    1. I didn’t realise how important it was to get away until we did. The bubble more came about because we were so cautious and didn’t see anyone prior, maybe we cracked. Can’t take credit for the image since I’m in it lol ☺️

  3. I enjoyed reading this very much. I hadn’t thought about navigating all those opinions. That would be fun to do.

    Now, about those photos you took…

  4. I imagine you’ll have plenty of volunteers after these posts we’ve seen the last few days (yours, HLs and missy’s).
    It’s pretty amazing to meet people you feel comfortable enough to do any sort of play with, but being given the chance to photograph the experience is so unique and thrilling!

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