Booty Hip Harness

We always said we’d get back into doing rope bondage. It is a way of being connective to each other without it being too intense. For one reason or another it has been a while and it showed as doing this tie took a few attempts. I can find myself getting easily frustrated if I’m not getting the results I’m looking for, reminding myself why we hadn’t done it for a while.

But when it was finished I enjoyed the results. We used the natural looking jute rope as it matches the colour of littlegem’s skin better. Although I do prefer working with our purple rope, naturally. Nevertheless doing rope bondage gives a sense of achievement when you have tried a new tie and it takes a few goes before you are happy with it. With a little more practice I won’t have to watch tutorials as I go and be able to work by memory, without the sounds of annoyance as a loop comes loose and I have to start again. Nobody’s perfect after all.

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20 Replies to “Booty Hip Harness

  1. Wow that looks absolutely stunning. This one does match her skin really nicely. Compliments it, especially in this harness. You can’t see you’ve been out of doing rope for a while. Feels like I really have to do my best to match this now haha!

  2. This is spectacuar. everything, the lighting, the texture of the rope, the depressions by the tension of the binding. There is so much detail in this picture to explore, it is very hot.

  3. This is so gorgeous – it has already made me decide that booty rope is not for me – – well i may give it a go but this is the benchmark shot

  4. This us stunning and the header image drew me straight in. You are right about the rope – the colour does look fab and the tying is great. What a team! πŸ™‚

  5. So sexy! Gem’s butt looks so perfect in rope. And yeah, with rope, more practice definitely helps. My Master has gotten really good at it as we have done way more rope play lately. It is so good to see your beautiful photographs again!

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