Low Key

Low Key nude image of littlegem sitting with her arms stretched up

It’s been a while since I have posted anything. Sorry if this reads a bit clunky, I feel a bit out of practice. There are many reasons but most of all the whole word pandemic thing topped it all off for me. Everything has felt more difficult, D/s included and where writing may have helped I have chosen to do this more low key in either my journal or in messages to close friends.

But, I really enjoyed creating this blog and I feel it has helped so many different areas of my life that I don’t want it to get put aside and forgotten about. The main area that blogging and more specifically taking photos has helped me is with my body image and confidence. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that I have felt pretty rubbish about myself whilst not taking or sharing images as prolifically as we used to. That and the extra ‘medical’ chocolate to lift my mood.

I am trying to see a light and a way through all of the barriers I have put up and to that I have recently started a new project over on the Tell Me About site called Monochromerotic. It’s a place to share erotic images each week and to support each other in doing so. Mainly I wanted a reason or purpose for us to get back to taking more photos. I do miss it and I know it will go a long way in helping piece everything back together. Please check it out and if you can be persuaded, link an image with me!

Monochromerotic Badge

For more information about Monochromerotic and how to join in please check out the welcome post.

I will also be posting more images from this ‘low key’ style shoot on my OnlyFans if you want to look at the whole collection.



11 Replies to “Low Key

  1. It is really great to see you get back into photography. I have always immensely enjoyed the art the two of you have created together. And this is an amazing picture of you!

  2. This is an absolutely gorgeous image, Gem, and it is good to see you here again. Also, I love that you have started Monochromerotic, and look forward to sharing a lot more 🙂
    ~ Marie

  3. This is a stunning image. I love how your legs are darker while your chest is so light. Your pose is incredible and this has been compositioned beautifully.

    It’s nice to see you reappear here, though it’s always felt to me like you never left, even if you’ve kept your words to yourself. I’m really excited that you’ve started this meme!

  4. Thank you ML that’s really kind, we have wanted to try out low key images for a while and was totally inspired by your beautiful ones!

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